Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Fall Handbag and Scarf

I am the kind of girl who likes to change out my purse with each season.
I know many of you are the one hand bag type who have a basic black bag and carry it all year long, but for me, I like to change it up periodically and keep the look in sync with the seasons.
So now that it is late in July, my mind has started to think about my Fall clothing needs.
Well, clothing "WANTS" to be exact! LOL
And when I found this purse at my local GW I snatched it up.
The brown color is so pretty and will look good with my jeans and fall outfits.
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It is not quite a camel color and not quite beige.
 Its a rich color, very clean and actually looks like it may have only been used a few times.
The leather is soft and feels like its quality leather too, which makes all the difference in the world when you carry a leather bag.
You don't want it to look like plastic, so even if it is not an expensive leather handbag, you still want to look for one where the leather is soft, moveable, and more of a matte sheen to it.
(Shiny/plastic-y fake leather looks cheap, so stay away from shiny material unless its cloth)
Here is the other side that shows the side pocket, and below you can see the pretty gold hardware and zipper detail on the sides.
The zipper detail does work and helps the bag to expand when the zippers are down, but mainly they are for looks.
The funny thing is, after shopping at the thrift store this day I ran by Walgreens to pick up some medicine for my dog, and when I walked in they had received some new Fall merchandise which included these new scarves.
When I saw the green camouflage scarf I couldn't resist!
I thought it would look good with the purse I just bought and a pair of jeans with brown boots-
.....something similar to the middle look in this picture below, except my pop of camouflage would be from the scarf :

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Or something like this:
"Urban Camoflauge" by allicyn-texeira ❤ liked on Polyvore Love that sweater!!!
(via Pinterest)
So in the cart it went!
 My new Walgreens scarf is light enough to begin wearing in the early Fall and the colors are dark enough that I should be able to wear it into the Winter until next Spring too.  
So there ya have it!
For about $10 bucks I was able to add some new Fall accessories to my wardrobe.
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Have you ever purchased non drugstore items like this from Walgreens, or CVS type stores?
Do you wear camouflage?
If so do you like to pair it with brown, gray, or black?
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