Thursday, September 18, 2014

No-Sew Pottery Barn Knockoff Pillow

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While browsing thru the Pottery Barn fall catalog I fell in love with this brown and white animal print pillow.

I have always been drawn to animal print and like throwing in a few surprise pieces here and there like in the picture below.

Zebra Printed Pillow Cover 
(Pottery Barn Fall 2014 Catalog)
A little goes a long way with animal print,
so if you are thinking about adding splashes of it to your décor, I suggest starting with throw pillows.  
I wanted these pillows and  loved them so much that I decided to try and make my own.
So one day, while I was in Pier One looking for something for my dining room, I came across these brown and white animal print cloth napkins.
Then the light bulb went off.
I could use these napkins to make a knock off of the Pottery Barn pillow!
and lookie there.....they are on sale too!!! SCORE!
So I bought two napkins and began putting my pillow together the 'no-sew' way.  
To do this, start by ironing out the creases so that the napkin is free of any wrinkles.
Now, see the hemmed edge with the white stiching?
This is your time saver.
The napkins already come with a finished edge, so all you are going to do is fuse all four sides together and stuff with Poly fill, or pillow insert....your choice.


I used Heat N Bond 'hem' because that is all I had on hand and it worked great with the cotton fabric of the napkins.

Just turn one napkin over so that the wrong side is facing you,

Then cut your Heat n Bond strip equal to the length of your first side.


Now, lay the second napkin over the first napkin, with the correct side facing you so that the two wrongs sides are touching.

Then iron along the side with the Heat n Bond strip to fuse the two napkins together.
Continue around the pillow, cutting the Heat n Bond to size and ironing the remaining two sides.

For the fourth, and last side, I followed the same process above but skipped a section in the  middle that will be my opening to insert the stuffing.
to leave a hole in the last side so you can stuff your pillow!!!
Now you should have a tube similar to a pillow case that you will fill with stuffing or a pillow form.  

I used the entire bag of Poly-Fil and just stuffed it inside my pillow "tube" so that it was full and bouncy.
I like my pillows full so I used the entire bag of filling for this one pillow but you could have gotten away with only using half if you really wanted to.

Now, here is the tricky part.

Cut a piece of Heat n Bond to fit the opening and with one hand push the Poly-Fil down and back to keep it out of the way of your seam where you will be ironing.
Then iron the remaining open seam to close up the last side of the pillow.

And that's it!

You now have a new, custom made, pillow!

Woot woot!

Here is my  new pillow shown on my white slipcovered chair.

And here it is on my old red chair.


Here is a close up of one side along the seam.
As you can see the two pieces appear to be sewn together.
The hemmed edges of the napkins give an optical illusion that the pillow was sewed together, but only you know it was a no sew version!

I am so happy with the way my pillow turned out that I have decided to pick up two more napkins so I can make a second pillow.
I would like a set of two for my side chairs.
You may remember that last Fall I made a no-sew
Pottery Barn knock off fur pillow.
You can read about that HERE.
These no-sew pillows are so fun to make and would be great to give to your family as a Christmas gift too!

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Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pottery Barn Sweater Pillows

Happy Thrifty Thursday!
Today is my 2nd Thrifty Finds post.
The other day I posted about this awesome find, and now I wanted to share with you another cool find, and hopefully turn you into a thriftier if you aren't already!
You see,
I know many of you may be inclined to do a drive by on the section with linens.
If they are well organized they will be on hangers like you see here, which you may think is great for saving time and doing a drive by,
but if you don't really give it a thorough look thru, you are apt to miss out on awesome scores like these!
A set of about 5 or 6 gray sweater pillow covers in two different patterns.
I am incorporating more gray into my décor so I was immediately interested.

As I began to dig and get my hands on them, I realized that they were real wool and were very thick and well made
WITH the tags still on.
They were brand new, and when I looked inside I discovered they were Pottery Barn wool sweater pillow covers.

Pottery Barn, with the tags still on, and in perfect shape.

So now my biggest dilemma was whether or not I get the ones with cable knit, or just regular weave.

Choices, choices..........
And with that I will keep you in suspense!

Have you found any good deals lately?
I would love to hear what is out there in your neck of the woods.


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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thrifty Finds-Fabulous Trumeau Mirror

I has been a while since I had a Thrifty Finds post.
After I got to thinking about it, I realized that I haven't shared with you my finds from National Thrift Store Day a few weeks ago so here we go.
My finds are hit and miss, and the type of deals that I find is cyclical with the economy. 
You see, sometimes I walk out empty handed, and sometimes I get lucky and score great deals that even amaze ME!
As far as the cycle of finding good stuff, you have to keep in mind on what is going on WITH the economy and look for the OPPOSITE things than what everyone else is looking for.
Luckily for me, I applied this strategy and kept my eyes out for good deals on homewares in August while everyone else was looking for back to school items like jeans, shoes, and back packs/handbags.
So while everyone else was digging thru the clothing I was scoping out all the awesome homewares and found this AMAZING piece sitting all alone waiting for her new home!!!!
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I found this trumeau mirror at a Goodwill that I haven't been to in over a year.
They used to be one of my favorite stores but they changed about a year ago so I quit going and recently decided to swing by and pay them a visit, and I am glad I did!

 I love that it is in a neutral beige color and already distressed.

The mirror is beveled and there is even a hanger on the back too.
So I just need to wipe it down and then it is ready to hang up!

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And here is the picture of it in my cart at the GW.
Sorry its so dark but I took it with my phone because I knew you wouldn't believe me!!!! LOL

So what can I say? I am opportunistic and know what I want when I see it! My new trumeau mirror already has a home and I can't wait to show it to you cleaned and hung up!
Thanks for stopping by!

I have a few more Thrifty Finds posts coming your way to get you all caught up on my hunt.
Have a wonderful week.....glad its a short one!

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