Thursday, July 17, 2014

I've Been Dreaming Again......About a New Bed!

Sheeww, what a busy week it has been! Sorry to have not posted in a while but this Summer is flying by and I'm trying to juggle multiple DIY projects, work of course, and all the fun Summer activities I love to do but I wanted to update you on something that has been on my mind lately.

I have been dreaming about a new bed!
Of course my inner thrifty chick DIY'er wants to make my own headboard, while the other side of my brain argues that there are WAY too many other projects I have in the fire and that I should just break down and buy myself a new bed.

For now, until the battle comes to an end, I just daydream about this bed from Birch Lane.
 Birch Lane Regis Metal Bed
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I know, gorgeous right? I love this bed for so many reasons.

  1. It comes in an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish that coordinates nicely with the colors of my bedroom
  2. It is versatile and will look good with any bedding that I chose.
  3. It is metal so it is easy to keep clean and will require very little, if any, dusting or upkeep.
  4. The design of the metal bars on the headboard and footboard provide an open and airy feel so that the bed does not hog up all the open space in my bedroom.
  5. And last but not least can you believe that JCP also sells a similar actually looks like the exact same bed.
 And the price is a couple hundred less at JCP, so this would keep my inner Thrifty Chick happy if I could get the look for less too!
 JCP Jacob Metal Bed
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Here are some more beds that also caught my eye:
This bed is awesome because it has built in storage AND I can STILL slide stuff under the bed too for storage so it would add some much needed storage space to my bed room!
Birch Lane Tilton Bed With Storage
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And you all should know by now how I love Sea grass décor so of course I couldn't resist this bed!
(You can check out my DIY sea grass candle holders HERE).

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I think it would coordinate nicely with the overall style of my home and you can purchase just the headboard too, so I wouldn't have to get the entire base
(which costs more and I'm not sure I really like
the base part anyway).
So as you can see, I have a huge decision to make sometime in the near future.
Until then I just sit and dream about each of them and how they would look in my room.
Of course if I were to make my own bed I would more than likely only make the headboard and I am thinking of following Anna White's instructions for making this one like Upcycle Addict made.
calebs bed 6
Theirs turned out nicely and I'm thinking this would be a good weekend DIY for me.
I would make just the headboard only and I would stain it a dark brown/ORB color.
So there ya have it.
No decisions made at this time.
Just day dreaming and wishing upon stars at the moment.
I would love to hear your thoughts about my selections.
Are you particularly drawn towards any of them that I picked out?
Have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Finding Pottery Barn Style the Craigslist Way

It's no surprise that I am a thrifty chick,
especially when it comes to home décor.
I always strive to find the look for less.
I shop with style and quality as my first two priorities,
and WHERE I find something most of the time
is irrelevant.
I have found beautiful home décor at garage sales, thrift stores, on the side of the road,
and once I found a very cute side table sitting next to the dumpster one day when I was living in an apartment years ago that I made over and kept in my front room for ten  years!
(oh how I loved that little red table) :)
So I don't really get caught up on WHERE I find something, as long as it is clean/nice (good quality) and a good price.
Lately I have had  my eye on this chair from Pottery Barn.
But the $800+ price tag was a bit intimidating for my inner thrifty chick, so I decided to quit day dreaming about it and get serious to see if I could find a similar chair at a more reasonable price.
Well guess what?
I turned to my old pal Craig's List and found
exactly what I had been looking for!
She was sturdy, clean, and only used in the sellers formal living room so the wear and tear was minimal.
It was a good quality chair, the right style I was looking for, and the price was right!
So without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to my new side chair.
 Blog world, meet the newest member to my front room:
Miss Pottery Barn inspired white slip covered chair.

My chair was listed as part of a three piece set.....sofa and two chairs, but I did not need two chairs,
nor did I need the sofa, so I asked if the seller would break up the set and sell me just one of the side chairs.

And its a good thing I asked because they agreed to sell me one of the chairs for $100 bucks!

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So of course she immediately became mine!
Then we rented a U-Haul, and because U-Haul messed up my reservation, I ended up getting my U-Haul reimbursed so it essentially was for FREE!
(I know, crazy right?)
So we carried her away to her new home where she proudly displays my America flag pillow.
So what do you think?
Do you like white slipcovers?
Have you ever purchased anything from Craigslist?
I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!
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