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Nexus 7 Tablet Review-The Perfect Christmas Present

Over the past few years tablets have become a really popular item to have. They appeal to everyone young or old because of their size and abilities. Back in 2001 I got my first laptop and thought I was in hog heaven because of the portability it offered.

I was finishing my degree at that time and loved being able to take the laptop in the front room and work on my home work while watching TV and cooking dinner.
 It made life so much easier for me, but because of the size of the laptop it was cumbersome to cart around outside of the house so I rarely took it anywhere.

Then when tablets came about I was even MORE excited to get one because now I could actually take my carry my device with me in my purse and have all of my computer needs anytime I need them!
Sure, they put Internet capabilities in our cell phones before tablets came around but they have the opposite problem of the laptop....they are too small for doing a lot of things, so I decided to buy my first tablet three years ago.

 It was nice for the time but since then there has been so many new and better tablets that have come along so when I was contacted by a representative of Staples to do a tablet product review I knew it was something I wanted to do.

I received a Google Nexus 7 table in the mail and it was delivered right  to our door directly from Staples.


It comes with a charger and the manual, which is nice because I had to buy a charger for some of my devices which costs more money, but the Nexus 7 tablet comes with one.

When I first opened the package I immediately loved how light weight and thin it was.


Remember, I love the portability of my devices, especially since becoming a blogger, and I can easily see this fitting in my purse or glove box in the car.

Just look how thin it is compared to my flip phone.
(yes, I am old school and still have a flip phone) LOL
And look at it compared to my first tablet! SO MUCH THINNER and LIGHTER.
Woot woot!

 Now it was time to charge it and start using the tablet.
I remember when I got my first tablet I had to add apps one by one and build my home page from scratch. It was a bit confusing and I still don't have everything the way I like it but I just deal with it.

The Nexus 7 asks you a few simple questions and BAM!

Instant home page with everything you need to get rolling.
Seriously, in about FIVE minutes I had all my favorite apps and icons on my home page readily available for use!

I even downloaded a few apps like Houzz and Walmart in a matter of seconds!
It was very simple to do.

Here is one of my app pages. So now that was EASY but what else can it do?

See this green button with the quotation marks, well this takes you directly to your contacts and hangouts on G+.

See my list popped up lickety-split with ease.
And did you know the Nexus 7 is also a reader?
You can download books on here too and it even comes with a  few freebies.
The screen is so crisp and clear which is great for reading e-books.
And the features are so realistic.
Like here when I turn the page the screen looks rippled like a page being turned in book.

Then there is this FABULOUS feature I am going to show you.
See the gray Google bar at the top of the tablet screen?

Well just simply click on the little microphone button to the right of my fingernail and you get voice activation.
Voice activation so you can be HANDS FREE folks!

When you see the circle around a red microphone you know that it is listening to your command.
I simply said "Decorated Chaos dot BlogSpot dot com" and it took me directly to my website!

The possibilities are endless with the Nexus 7 tablet and I love so much about it.

My overall rating of the Nexus 7 is a 9.

The ONLY thing that keeps it from being a 10 is the fact that it is Wi-Fi only which means it can only connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

It will not connect via a data plan like with your cell phone carrier, so consequently if you are in the car commuting , or maybe camping and away from a Wi-Fi source you can not connect to the Internet with this tablet.

It is still usable so anything already downloaded can be used but you only have access to the Internet if you are in a place that has Wi-Fi.

But other than that, if you are looking for a great tablet to give as a Christmas gift this is your tablet.

The sleek and light weight design make it so easy to grab and go, the abilities are amazing and have functions to help you manage business or play games, whatever you want to do, and the crisp clear screen makes it an overall perfect gift for anyone on your list!!!

Just hop on over to Staples to get more specs and have a Nexus 7 shipped right to your front door!

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Later this week I will posting my YouTube video that displays me using some of the features I spoke about today, so if you are thinking about purchasing this tablet, or if you have already purchased it and want to learn more about it be sure you check out my video.

*I was compensated for this post with a Nexus 7 tablet to review from Staples.


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