Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rug Pad Corner Review-Make a Cheap Rug Feel Like a Million Bucks

I struggled with the name for this post.
Was I going to give it the literal and boring name
 "Rug Pad Corner.Com Review"? 
Or was I going to give it a name that really speaks to what I am about to show you?
 "How to Make a Cheap $24 Rug Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Rug".
Seriously folks. 

If you are like me, you  glazed over the rug pads in the stores thinking you didn't really need one.
I was of the mindset that if the rug had a gripper of some sort on the back then I was good, right?
Boy was I WRONG!
But lets backtrack...when I was asked to try out the rug pads from Rug Pad I was skeptical because of the negative experience I had previously with a rug pad that discolored our vinyl flooring and never worked.
But I was happy to see that the rug pads are environmentally friendly.
They are chemical free and will NOT harm your floors.
So now I was curious and excited to try the rug pads.
When they arrived they were neatly rolled up together and packaged in plastic to keep them dry in the shipping process.


Can you believe there are two rug pads rolled up tightly in this package?
When you unroll them there are instructions included too.

So I removed my carpet, swept and cleaned my floor, then unrolled the rug pad facing the correct way per the instructions.

For my 5x7 area rug I ordered the 3/8 inch Superior Thick Protection pad.
It is a thick cushy pad that really beefs up my inexpensive area rug.
See the bottom of my inexpensive cheap rug?
Its just a mesh backing that does not protect my floors OR prevent slipping.
And the rug pad enhances it by adding a layer of softness and
of course protection against my hard wood floors.


It raises the rug a bit but you can't tell by looking at it that there is a rug pad underneath, until you step on it of course!
The rug has bounce now and is kind of squishy under your feet.  

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So now on to my second rug pad.
Remember by Ballard Designs rug I got a while back?
 I ordered the Ultra Premium Non-Slip rug pad for it and am using it in the back of my front room.

I started with a clean and empty floor......just ignore the stain. :)

The round rubber pieces grip the floor..........

and the textured side grips the rug to prevent slipping.

Once the rug pad was rolled out I simply positioned the rug on top and they immediately connected and there was no slipping!


It really worked!
My dog runs across it every day on her way out to the garage and I used to have to straighten it EVERY.TIME!
But now my rug stays put and I love it!

Here it is with the rug on top.
This is a wool rug from Ballard Designs so it is naturally thick and plush, but the rug pad really takes it to the next level and makes it feel like an expensive and luxurious rug.
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You can find my rug pads at
Their rug pads come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, and they also offer anti-slip options as well!
And lucky YOU!
All Decorated Chaos readers can get 15% off their order at
Just use the code REVIEW15 at checkout to get your discount.
*I was provided with the rug pads to review, but all thoughts and opinions are of my own.  
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