Thursday, January 21, 2016

Look Who is Coming to Kansas City

Hey all! Just a quick announcement today.

I am so proud and excited to tell you that Chip and Joanna Gaines are coming to Kansas City!

They will be headlining our 2016 KC Home Show on March 19th and 20th.

If you're close by I welcome you to drive on over and come visit our great city and catch a glimpse of our favorite HGTV celebrities.

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See you there!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

What Do You Do When You Don't Have Chalk Paint

OK, so in my last post I revealed my new living room color. You can read about it HERE.

Now that I have a new color pallet to work with, I am refreshing my decor. I would say that I am redecorating, but that would imply that I'm throwing everything out and starting over and that is not the case. I'm too thrifty for that!

I am refreshing my living room with some new home decor but most of it is being up cycled with new paint.

One of my biggest pieces getting a makeover is this black mirror. It is the focal point above my mantel and I've had it since about 2002!

Got it at Hoblob on clearance and the frame was silver with flecks of gold.

I kept it like that until I bought my house in 2006 and then I spray painted the frame with a satin black spray paint.

See! I have been using spray paint to update stuff was a skill my mama taught me!

So ten years later I am now updating it again. This time I'm painting the frame white but I don't really want a smooth satin look, I'm going for a chalky finish for an aged look.

Problem is, I am out of white chalk paint! Boo!!!! And I'm a woman on a mission with a budget, so its time to improvise.

So what DO you do when you don't have any chalk paint?

You use white CEILING PAINT, that's what you do!

Here is the before shot of the mirror.

My garage is too cold for painting so I set up table in my living room and threw down a plastic drop cloth to catch drips.

The satin black spray paint finish is nice but it is not the look I am going for.

I want an aged antique chippy look.

So I began around the outer edge and brushed flat white ceiling paint in all the little nooks and crannies.

The trick here is to use the flat ceiling paint and apply light LAYERS.

After about an hour after the first coat dried I applied a second, more liberal coat to get full coverage.

Then I taped off the edge of the mirror so I could finish with the edging.

Here it is after fully covered in white. I went around the mirror one last time and touched up various spots where the black paint was showing thru by pouncing my paint brush so that the paint is dabbed on.

DO NOT attempt to fully load your paint brush and use long brush strokes like you would on furniture. The point here is to have some brush strokes show and to layer on the paint for an aged look.

Below is a picture of a finished corner. Chalky and aged.

I hug up the picture and am beginning to put things back in place. I don't want to give it all way so here is a sneak peek of the mirror on the wall.

I love how shabby/chippy/old this mirror looks now! This is the third and probably final look for this mirror. It is fourteen years old but it has always had a place in my home and I couldn't bare to part with it so I gave it a new look.

Total cost $0, just my time.

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So the next time you find yourself out of white chalk paint....check out your garage for a can of white ceiling paint. It makes a GREAT SUBSTITUTE!


P.S. I am please to announce that I am not on Twitter and IG. Lets connect!

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

And The New Paint Color Is..........

So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I am starting off the  new year with a new project. I am giving my living room an overdue makeover. These walls haven't been painted since I bought the house in 2006. Back then I was into warm colors with a rustic vibe. The red/yellow/green pallet was popular and that is the direction I went as I decorated my new home.

The living room was painted Behr Quiet Veranda and trim in Polar Bear.

I loved having a yellow living room. It was such a lively color and looked so warm and inviting in the evening light but my tastes have changed and I began to grow tired of it.  

So after countless hours at the paint store looking over swatches, and after days upon days searching online I decided I wanted to go to a warm greige or gray color.

I narrowed it down to two colors:

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (on left)
and Gray Owl (on right)

In the end I decided on Benjamin Moore Gray Owl.

Here you can see the yellow compared to the gray.

(daytime view)

(evening view)

Gray Owl is such a popular color so I was afraid of going along with the herd on this one but it looks so fresh and pretty with all my white trim.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

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In the evening it looks a little more blue than what I wanted but I think it has to do with my lighting and color of my accent furniture.

I am changing up almost everything in this room so I can't wait to get done painting and start my craft and décor projects.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl is a versatile color that is blue/gray/green and changes with the light. If you're looking for a color that goes well in almost any room, this is it!

BM Gray Owl

I have a few more spots to touch up and then its time to move on to cleaning and putting everything back know, the fun stuff! ......Decorating! :)


P.S. I am now posting on IG and Twitter and welcome you to join me over there as well.  

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