Sunday, March 27, 2016

What Have I Been Up To

I know, I know, it has been weeks since I last posted.

Quite frankly, life hit me hard in late February. I was juggling some family issues, I got sick around the end of February, and then I have been super busy at work, so I just needed a short break.

But never fear, things have started to settle down and I am getting back into my normal routine.

So lets see.....I last left you at the tail end of my bead board entry way wall.

I had put up the bead board, installed a shelf/ledge, and now I need to update you on how we finished it off.

You can see the progress HERE and HERE.

It really turned out nice and I love it so I need to update you and post a final reveal!

Since we last talked, all my Spring flowers started blooming. Yay!

You may remember, I gave my front landscaping a makeover last Summer and I am happy to report that it appears I did not kill anything! So far most of my landscaping looks like it survived as almost everything has buds on it. Woot! Woot!

As for my Spring mantel, I did not dedicate an entire post to my Spring mantel this year, but I did pick up a few pieces and freshened up my mantel.

My favorite piece is this galvanized flower vase that I got at the Target dollar spot for $5 bucks.

I love the detail of the rope handles and the wording. Its very farmhouse meets French flower market.....tres chic.

The bird and yellow forsythia branches I already had on hand, in fact I used the branches in last year's Spring mantel, but I picked up a new Cherry Blossom scented candle from my last visit to TJMaxx. 

For those that follow me on Instagram you got a special sneak peek at the rest of my TJMaxx loot. ;)

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I am really looking forward to picking back up on my blog posts over the next week and getting back into the swing of my regular daily activities. Its amazing how much more you appreciate your "boring" daily routine when it is ripped out from under you. I had been so stressed out lately that having my so called "boring" daily routine back is a major blessing!!!!


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