Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Upholster a Chair-Chair Makeover Tutorial

Remember these chairs I made over HERE in this post?
Well today I am going to share the tutorial with you. 
For starters here is what the chairs looked like when we began.
Dark and dated stain color, scratches, dull and dirty.

Not to mention the plaid seat cushions covered in PLASTIC! Yuck!
So to get started with this makeover, we need to turn the chair upside down and look for the screws that hold the seat to the frame.

Then simply unscrew the seat so that you have a naked chair.

 And for all of you who contacted me about the color of the chairs, I used this version of
Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan.
This is a mist-tint color
They mixed the color wrong but I liked it so I decided to keep it and use it on the chairs.
The true Canvas Tan color can be found HERE in my mudroom makeover.
This mis-tint used on the chairs is a little more yellow/creamy than the true shade you see in my mudroom.

You can see the color a little better here against the white tray liner.
I LOVE this color. Its such a soft creamy neutral color that would look good on furniture and walls!

I used a roller and had to go over the chair a couple times to get in all the grooves and cover the cain backing.
While the chairs dried I worked on reupholstering the seats.
Start by removing the plastic and layers of fabric with a staple remover or screw driver.
I found it easier to pry the staples off with a flat head screw driver.



And I was completely thrown off guard when I found this fabric under the plaid.

After one of the chairs dried I decided to see how it looked with the striped fabric seat and if I liked it I was going to stop there.

I did like it but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind so I stuck to my original plan and reupholstered the seats with
drop cloth material.

Cut your material out so that you have about an extra inch or two to overlap the seat form.

Keep in mind that if you have too much material the seat will not fit properly to the chair so you really only need about two inches, maybe even less depending on your chair's shape.


Then simply staple around the entire seat pulling it tightly as you go.
And I mean TIGHTLY!
I did not pull it as tight as I should have at first and because of this I had to go back and pull some spots and re-staple them so the top of the seat was smooth.

Trim off your excess fabric, reattach your seat and VOILA!

You just reupholstered a chair!

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I love using drop cloth material because it is sturdy and upholds very well to regular use.
It is also affordable and comes in different weights so you have some choices with this material as well, so keep in mind not all drop cloths are the same.
Reupholstering a seat cushion is an easy project to tackle.
You will need a staple gun, screw driver, and scissors, all of which are supplies that most of us already have on hand...oh and your creativity and vision too! 
Have fun and try different materials because you can always change it out if you don't like it.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Newest Addition to The Kitchen

I love the size of my kitchen.
It is a 12x12 with lots of cabinets that are deep and go around most of the entire kitchen.
When I was house shopping I was excited to find a house in the right size and price range with a kitchen this size so I really don't have many complaints about the kitchen
(except the flooring, but that's a post for another day). LOL
There is one short wall in the kitchen that is bare and needs some attention.
I love that I have a full blank wall to decorate and get creative with, but there are so many possibilities for this space that its never wrecking!
The white hutch in the dining room used to be here but it was WAY too large for the space and blocked the back door, so I knew I didn't want any large furniture, but I have been torn on exactly WHAT I wanted to do with this space for a long time.
It is so versatile so the options are plenty.
My ideas are:
 to add a kitchen cart,
small table with stools for extra seating,
 or board and batten with a shelf  hung on the wall.
In the end I made my mind up that I would like a piece of furniture here and had my heart set on something like this:
But at $300 bucks it broke my thrifty chick budget!
So on my way I went, looking for something with a cottage flair that fit in this space.
Until one day when I found this piece for $29 bucks!
This piece has so many great qualities like open shelving on the left side for displaying pretty plates, antique bowls, and other kitchen items.
 Right now I have a cake dome and marble cheese tray/dome here to show the depth of these shelves, but this is only temporary.
Then there are the bead board cabinet doors that open up to a spacious cabinet with an option of another shelf.
The curved detail at the base and the beveled edge around the top add to its cottage charm.
It is a very sturdy piece too, which makes this the perfect piece for this space!
Now, I'm not sold on the oak color or the look of the drawer pulls so all that is going to change.
I hope to use this picture above as my inspiration but for now 
I am enjoying this piece and all the additional storage space it adds to my kitchen.
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For those of you who contacted me about the chairs, rest assured I will be posting their tutorial later this week.
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