Sunday, September 11, 2011

LOVIN the fall colors!

Summer is over, but its too early for me to put out Halloween decor so I started taking down the summer stuff and revamping the house with colors of fall. I really love the organe, green, and dark red colors so I decided redo the centerpiece on the dining room table with those colors.

I started with a base-which I chose layered fabric. I used two fabric cream colored place mats and pinned them together with a safety pin to achieve a "table runner" look.

I then centered a round green and white toile placemat, added an iron serving tray and a green vase for the floral arrangement.

I gathered up all the orange, yellow, and green floral stems I had (which happen to be floral that I got on sale at Pier One several years ago), then started added the floral stems to the vase until I achieved the look I was going for.

I shoved spanish moss in between the flowers to hide the gaps and give some texture.

After that I added some accessories and voila! Early fall table setting! :)

NOTE: decorating for fall my cause your hubby to insist you do some fall organizing and clean out your "supply" room (aka junk roon).

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I don't know about you, but I "HEART" wreaths, LOVE them put all throughout my house but I got tired of using those old wreath hooks-YOU know the ones...they are either the metal ones that sometimes scrape your door, or the plastic ones that often break or can't hold the larger wreaths, so I brainstormed and searched high and low for an alternative wreath hanger and came up with this.....PLASTIC SUCTION HOOKS! DUH! Why didn't I think of that a few year ago before I scratched up my front door with a metal over the door style hook?!? (ugh). So, for those of you who were like me and were tired of scratching up your doors, try using suction hooks, here's how they work-

First you gotta go buy them....I have a few from Lowes but like these just as much and they are cheaper. You can get a pack of 9 at one of the dollar stores with a TREE in their name, and simply take one, place it on your metal door or glass screen door and voila! Instant wreath hanger WITHOUT damaging your door!  Right now I have a simple french basket hanging on the door with some sunflowers but will be changing it out soon for Halloween. My ALL TIME FAVORITE place to put a wreath is on the front of the fireplace doors/insert and the suction hooks work GREAT for that!  Here are a few pics to demonstrate:
My FAVORITE and very unexpected place for wreaths. They mask those ugly fire place inserts and warm up the mantel.

French Script Slip Cover

So I'm on my routine thrift store rounds and to my suprise I found something I had been looking for for about a year! A parson's chair slipcover!!!  And this one was adorable and clean so I HAD to grab it! The pattern is beige and cream with black french writing. There were two of this style and two plain black slip covers so I grabbed one of each just in case. The best part is when I got up to the counter they only charged me for the price of a pillow case so each slip cover only ended up costing me $0.99 CENTS!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL for a french script slip cover!
Here are before and after pics. The before is a yellow chair with red, blue, and green polka dots. This was cute and worked great in my old office that was yellow, but now that we painted and bought a new black desk it wasn't working for me so I was on a misson to find or make a slip cover but I didn't want to pay the price. Glad now that I waited!