Friday, September 7, 2012

The Beauty of Hedge Apples

One of the greatest benefits about Fall is that Mother Nature provides us so many beautiful things to look at AND decorate our homes with....and they are FREE. If you just look outside your window you will see so many things you can bring inside to use in your decor, and they don't cost any money at all.
In my earlier post from a few weeks ago I posted here about using the orange berries called bittersweet in your Fall decor but did you know that you can also use hedge apples?
If you are unfamiliar with hedge apples, you can read more about them here. There are various myths about hedge apples being an insect repellent and what they can do for your home, but more simply put these are just round seed balls that fall off of the Osage Orange tree in the fall.
Here are some inspiring images I found on the Internet (sources unknown) that I would like to share with you. These pictures are eye candy for inspiration!
Hedge apples in an enamel bowl.

Hedge apples with pomegranate or some sort of fruit.

Great display of hedge apples in a centerpiece with a candle.

Since I am partial to antique bowls I couldn't resist sharing this photo :)

Gorgeous vignette with hedge apples in an urn next to a lamp. Simply GORGEOUS!

Lined upon a windowsill.

In a distressed urn with flowers....very cottagey/shabby chic.

Hedge apples displayed as a centerpiece with lanterns and foliage. Beautiful!
And last but not least here is my little basket of hedge apples from a few years ago that I displayed on our front porch. Very simple but traditional fall decor, and best of all it was FREE!

Here in the Midwest the hedge apples have just now started to fall. The bulk of them will start falling in about a week or two and they will continue to fall for about a month. Many people find them to be a nuisance so if you spot a tree along the side of the road or notice that your neighbor has hedge apples in their yard, don't be afraid to ask for them because most people WANT you to take them, and that is PERFECT for you! Their loss is your gain!
Just like with Bittersweet, hedge apples are another FREE gift from Mother Nature that she provides us, like a door prize for welcoming in fall!
I encourage you to get creative and look beyond the big box retail stores for your decorating/craft supplies.  All you need is right outside your door! 

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  1. I've never seen hedge apples over here in Australia but I wish we had them here-they are amazing! Thanks for sharing your decorating ideas!

    It is Spring here now but after seeing this I wish it was Fall all over again!

    I have posted a recipe for Pumpkin Spice muffins on my blog so if you feel like some more Fall inspiration please pop over. Perhaps you could even link up your post to my Say G'day Saturday party which has just started!

    Best wishes from Down Under,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. We had these in Texas but I dont see them here in Utah...I love them they are soo oool! Come link up to Centerpiece Wedesday and share your ideas with us.

  3. I wish we had hedge apples up here in the U.P. of Michigan! I never knew they were called "hedge apples" till now, tho :) Growing up, we always called them "brains", because of their gnarly surface... LOL. If you decorate for Halloween, you could even spray paint them gray and call them "brains", too!

  4. So many great ideas, Jennifer! My fave is the apples styled with the candle and leaves in an urn. So gorgeous!!! Stopping over from "My Whims", thanks for posting! ~Sarah

  5. Awesome inspiration~Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  6. What great inspirations! Thanx for coming to THT!

  7. We are blessed/cursed with an abundance of hedgeapples and bittersweet here in Missouri. I love bittersweet and look forward to picking it every fall. The hedgeapples, not so much, but you have made me look at them in a different light! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures and ideas!

  8. Love those hedge apples!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. I just discovered headge apples a couple years ago when I was walking in the woods. I love them! I haven't seen any wild bittersweet around here in years, but wish I'd find some! Thanks for the decorating ideas. Lovely blog. I'm your newest follower!

  10. I love to use hedge apples when I can find them. Bittersweet is a must! I have to purchase it in the flower market, but I wouldn't have fall without it. ;-) Thanks for sharing the inspiration photos. I did a post on hedge apples. You'll find it on my blog if you click on horse apples in the index.

  11. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for linking up to our Pretty Things Party. Hope to see you back next week!

  12. Isn't nature nice? Thanks for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  13. LOVE this! I really wish they grew in our area! I saw them for sale at last year's Country Living Fair - they did perpetuate the myth - but their unusual beauty is fantastic - love all the ways you displayed them! I will feature this post in this week's part - I appreciate you sharing,

  14. I've never heard of headge apples and pretty sure we don't thave them here in Australia... wish we did. Aren't they interesting looking. Thanks for sharing on Shabbilicious Friday. I'll be featuring these tomorrow.

  15. I love the hedge apples. I picked up three from the street and plan to go back and ask for more. The people were not home and I hated to steal them from the yard. I know they would welcome someone picking them up. I may take a bushel basket over there and clean up a few for them.
    Love free things of nature.
    Audrey Z.


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