Sunday, November 24, 2013

DIY Animal Print Bracelet-Easy Christmas Gift


Remember my post on Duck Tape from a while back?
Well I recently found myself with several some left over card board rounds from the painters tape that I had completely used and I remembered that I had some left over Duck Tape from my back to school project, so I decided to bring the two together and create a bangle style bracelet.
How many of us DIY'ers have these left over cardboard rounds from all that painter's tape we used up?
Well, why throw them away when you can up-cycle them into a piece of jewelry?!?!
Here is everything you need:

A left over card board circle/round....mine is 1 inch wide, some cute Duck tape, and of course scissors.
I like that these left over rounds are hard and durable and will hold their shape.
When you make bracelets, keep durability in mind.
Not every round card board item will work for this project as it needs to be something hard and sturdy that will not warp or bend.

So to get started I gave myself a space to work using an old card board cereal box as my work surface.
Then I rolled out the tape in a straight line long enough to wrap around my card board circle.
If you have never worked with Duck tape I will give you the heads up by saying that it is very sticky, which is a good GREAT thing, but you don't want to battle with the tape during this project, so clear everything away and lay down something like a book or piece of card board so that the tape does not accidentally stick to your good furniture surface.


Now center your circle card board bracelet form on the tape and begin rolling it down the line of the tape, keeping it centered along the way and pressing it hard against the tape so that there are no air bubbles or loose spots.
When you get to the point where the two pieces of tape meet, simply butt them up closely but try not to overlap the tape.
Tip: Overlapping this tape can cause bubbles and crinkles so try your best not to overlap the tape if you can avoid it.

This is why I chose to ROLL the tape around the outside of the bracelet. By rolling it in the tape you get a smooth exterior all the way around.
If you had wrapped the tape around the bracelet instead, you would have seams every so often which can make the bracelet look like it was wrapped in tape.

Then firmly press the sides of the tape around the inside of the bracelet so now the bracelet should be fully wrapped around the exterior.
 Right now your bracelet should look fully covered along the entire outside of the circle but you will have an exposed section in the middle that needs to be covered.
The section in the middle is thinner than the width of the roll of Duck tape so you will need to either cut a piece in half or simply do as I did and cut a small slit right in the middle of a piece of tape then using your hands just rip the tape right down the middle so you have a strip of tape that will fit the width of your bracelet.
Its often times easier to rip the tape down the long center than to cut it as it tends to stick to your scissors.

Now simply roll that strip of tape along the inside exposed area making sure to keep it centered and pressed along the way and that is it!
You now have created an adorable animal print bangle bracelet!!!

I also have zebra print Duck tape that I want to use to make another bracelet.
I love how my bracelet turned out! It only took a few minutes and supplies I already had on hand to make my animal print bangle bracelet. 
This is something that adults can wear this out and about and mixed in with their other jewelry too so it would be a fun gift to give a sister, BFF, or co-worker.
It looks great and is so easy to do that it would also make a great Girls Night Out project.....the possibilities are endless with all the new Duck Tape varieties out there! 

Here is my bracelet mixed in with  my other jewelry.

*I was not compensated in any way by Duck Tape, I just thought this was a fun project and wanted to share it with you. And really, any kind of duct style tape would work for this project, as well as fabric, yarns, and beads.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrating Everyday Life With Jennifer Carroll

I am pleased to share with you the latest edition of
Jennifer Carroll's magazine
Celebrating Everyday Life.
Are you familiar with it? If so then you know exactly what I am talking about when I describe the beautiful page layouts, and how she so graciously provides tutorials for a lot of the pieces you see throughout the magazine.
If you are not familiar with this magazine let me introduce you to Celebrating Everyday Life.

It is an online publication that is chalked FULL of gorgeous and inspiring home décor, recipes, and ideas for entertaining.

Here is one of my favorite pages. Don't you just love the color pallet of the pale green and white?

This is just one of the many pages overflowing with gorgeous holiday inspiration!

I love browsing through the catalog and enjoying all of the creativity that lines every page.
I'm serious when I say that EVERY page is chalked full of gorgeous home décor, culinary tips, or just inspiration for making your life beautiful.

And did you know that she has a group very talented and amazing contributors to help pull it all together?

There is Jennifer from the blog Jennifer Rizzo, Kelly from The Lilypad Cottage, and many others who all  are very talented.
Every single contributor helps make this publication a success and I enjoy seeing their creativity pulled together into one magazine.

So you love it and want to see more? No problem!  Subscribing to the magazine is so easy.

You can simply click this picture to go directly to the magazine where you can purchase one issue for $5.95, or better yet, you can get a full year subscription for a much better deal of only $24.99!

That is a great deal!

Celebrating Everyday Life makes a wonderful gift for yourself or for a friend or family member too!
And you can always order back orders too so you wont miss a beat!

And here is a video for you to enjoy that will give you an even better feel for what
Celebrating Everyday Life is all about.


So as you are preparing for the holidays and want a good
go-to for inspiring seasonal décor or entertaining tips,
or maybe a craft project, or maybe you just like the pretty eye candy,
whatever it is, you will find it inside this all encompassing publication that will help you in
Celebrating Everyday Life.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrifty Finds-Gettin' My Inner Thrifty Chick On

Hello everyone! Like my post title? LOL
Yes, its been a while since I posted one of my thrifty finds post, but really what I want you all to do is hear me when I say
"NOW is the BEST time of the year to shop the thrift stores" so get your booty up there!!!!!
And I TRULY mean it!
"Why", you ask?
Well, it is the end of the year and a lot of people are cleaning out their closets, organizing, purging, and preparing for the Holidays, and trying to get their donations off to the thrift stores for their tax credit before year-end.
So what does that mean to all of us thrifty chicks? ARE a thrifty chick aren't you???!!!!
That means we can find a TON of crazy good stuff for OUR homes, or for Christmas gifts, at very affordable prices!
And if you think everything at the thrift store is old and done with its useful life, think again!
Check out this hamper I got that still had the Home Goods price tag on it.
It is pretty much brand new and adorable!
See the price tag?
Yes, there are a few wicker pieces coming lose that a little dab of glue will fix.
I love the fabric top and the size is perfect for our laundry room.
(which is finally getting an over due makeover in 2014)
oh yeah! 
 Clean on the inside....looks unused or gently used at most.
Then there was this picture.
I am a sucker for sunflowers and I love how this picture looks like an oil painting.  
It is a very nice picture and I think it was originally from Kirkland's.
Then there was this cool set of bathroom items.
Chrome and rattan. They have a retro feel and I was drawn to them so I decided to get the jar with the lid.  

Then of course more SHOES!
At $4.99, and the fact that these have never been worn....the soles are in perfect shape with NO marks, I had to get them. I LOVE the black and white gingham pattern and then the little silver studs and silver around the bow just made them irresistible!

 And I would be a crazy woman to pass up these curtain rods!
They are NEW IN THE BOX, silver, and have the
pearl/sea shell finials on the ends which go great with our bathroom décor, AND I have the perfect place for them which you will see later on this month. (wink, wink)
Oh and I can't move on without mentioning the price. See the original price was $24.99 EACH and I got them for $1.99 each!!!
Say what?
Yes, $1.99 each!
And for the LOVE of everything beachy, I also found this anchor that was in perfect shape that I had to have.
It will be perfect in our beachy bathroom or hanging up in the Summer by the back door.
Ironically enough I already have a wooden anchor I bought a long time ago that I planned on redoing this past Summer and it never got done, but this one is much better so I bought it and will donate the other one I have.  
And last but not least is this lamp. I have wanted one of these acrylic lamps for a while now and I found this one WITH the shade for $7.99.
Its a bit more than what I normally spend on lamps at the thrift store, BUT it came with the shade and was in prefect shape so I brought it home with me.
Its the perfect candidate for a lamp shade makeover that I have had on my mind for a while now.
(another 2014 project coming your way!)


 A few more misc. items and that wraps up a good day at the thrift store.
I hope you take advantage of this time of the year and get your booty out to your local thrift store.
Between now and the end of January is the best time of the year to find good deals.
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Have a wonderful day!
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