Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How Do You Like Your Strawberry Shortcake

My post today may cause you to drool so be prepared as you read thru it!
With it being Spring and all I couldn't resist sharing one of my favorite Springtime deserts with you....
good ol' strawberry shortcake!
You can click on each picture for a link to the owning site.

Let's start with the most traditional strawberry shortcake which is strawberries and pound cake....very traditional and yummy! -My favorite!
How about strawberries layered with angle food cake and lady fingers.....
Feeling festive? How about some strawberry shortcake shots? Perfect for a GNO!
.....Or how about strawberry shortcake with homemade "biscuit" style cakes?
..... And some of you like your strawberry shortcake on a stick. How clever!

Then of course there's strawberry pizza....why didn't I think of that?!?!


  And look at this tower of srawberry goodness!
Strawberry filled cake. Wow!

....a refershing desert of strawberries and ice cream.
What a combo!
....Oh and could resist a strawberry shortcake CUPCAKE!?!
Whatever your preference, there's a strawberry shortcake for YOU!
Last year in our garden we only had a few strawberry plants.
Here is the bulk of our small bowl of strawberries!
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....but I hope this year our crop doubles so I can make some of those recipes above!
Wish me luck! :)
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