Friday, January 11, 2013

Cottage Entryway Phase II-Beadboard Wallpaper

Drum roll please! The bead board wallpaper project is underway and going well.

Here is a sneak peek of the room with the first two sheets up.

I am doing this project by myself and learning as I go, and so far here are my concerns thus far:

  • I wasn't sure about how I was going to marry up the seams of the beadboard, but I bumped them up together and they look fne, although for the next set I think I should cut the next section to match the flow of the pattern a little better, but afraid if I do the paper wont have an exact straight edge like it does on its own. Any suggestions on this? Cut or leave alone? 

  • Also, notice I took the paper past the edge of the floor trim. Well.........I did this with the thought the paper might shrink on me, and I could take a knife and cut an even edge across the bottom once I'm done, BUT now I am thinking I should have just bumped it up to the bottom and left it alone.

So, the next two and a half sheets will be applied a little differently, but all in all it has gone quite well. Much easier than I had expected.

I am very glad though that I chose to do this wall first as a beginner versus my small bathroom.

And oh my! Excuse my beat up baseboards! It seems like yesterday that I painted this room (2007) but I guess it has been 5 years AND this is room gets a lot of use...... so there! Those are my excuses for my beat up baseboards! LOL

Here is the view from the front room looking in as you are heading towards the garage.

Keep in mind that once this is up the next step will be to chose the moulding to finish it off.

I am torn between a regular moulding or adding a shelf/ledge type of moulding for additional functionality.

Here are some of my insprations I pulled up from my Pinterest boards:

Ignore that this is a bathroom shot but take a look the chair moulding. I consider this a simple beveled edge style and it would be fairly easy to install along the one wall that I am doing. I really like it and think it is a good choice.

Pinned Image


Then there is this moulding. It is thicker and more dramatic. I really like it, but am concerned about how it would look against the other mouldings in the room. The windows have regular mouldings around them and the fact that I have nothing along my baseboards to balance the massive weight of this moulding, I am concerend it may be too much. But I {LOVE} it and can't quit looking at it! LOL

Pinned Image

Then there is this picture which makes my heart flutter! I {LOVE} this one and think its the one I might go with...or at least do something similar where there is a thick flat piece and a ledge to display things.

Pinned Image

So the next steps of this project including installing the finishing touches like moulding and new switch plate covers, and of course caulking and painting (again!).
So what do you think? I would love to get your opinion on which style of moulding I should go with for this room.  

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