Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ballard Designs Thrift Store Finds-And Giveaway Winner

The past two weeks have been FULL of amazing
thrift store finds for me.
In fact, I have found so many great home décor pieces that I often times think I should pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming!
Some of my finds have been too good to be true but they are true-VERY true!
So over the next week I am going to share with you all my thrifty finds that I will spread across two or three separate posts as to not bore you with pages and pages of my entire haul all at once.
For starters I will kick off my collection of finds with this set of entomology plaques that are the same plaques as seen in the Ballard Designs catalog.
(Ballard Designs) 

The story behind these was quite amusing now that I can look back and laugh at myself.
It was a cool and gloomy day in Kansas City the weekend before Memorial Day.
We had thunderstorms all throughout the city
off and on all day, and I had spent the 
morning running errands.
In the afternoon, on a whim I decided to stop by my local GW.
When I walked in I headed straight towards the back of the store where the home décor and furniture is displayed, and the first thing I saw was this set of three plaques that I IMMEDIATELY recognized from the Ballard Catalog!

As soon as I found them I broke out my camera to get some pics for you all, and I thought I should slow down my excitement and check for chips and cracks first.
Nope. NONE! Not one chip, not one crack, and the entire set of three was right there all together!!!
So I was in awe and wondering-
.....who donates quality home décor like this?
Why are these here?
Am I on camera????
How can this be?
No cameras, no secret audience watching me shop at the thrift store.
Just thrifty chick luck I guess!

 Now, as  you can imagine, after finding these plaques I was sparked and in high gear to look around for more.
I was inspired to pick up stuff for my latest room makeovers and for my outdoor patio,
but then it started.
The thunder, the lighting, the rain................
oh no
the HAIL!!!!!!!
It started pouring rain outside and all the customers rushed to the front of the store.
At first I wasn't sure what the commotion was about but then I heard "IT".
Oh NO! 
 It was HAIL!!!! 
Big golf ball size hail pounding everything in site!
I then began to panic about my new car and the hail!
So like a mad woman I put the petal to the metal and grabbed my new Ballard finds and I hurried my booty to the register, cashed out,
like a warrior, as all the customers stood back and watched, 
 I dashed out in the pouring rain as the hail was pounding down on me and MY CAR!
I jumped in the car and got the he$% out of dodge as fast as I could!!!
I headed straight home and made a mad dash inside with my new goodies and dried off.
The rain lasted about another half hour or so while I brainstormed on where I wanted to put my new plaques.
I haven't quite decided yet, but I'm leaning towards my front room or master bedroom.
What a memorable day I had!
Nothing like trying to get your thrift store shopping on only to be interrupted by, and caught in, a major hail storm!!!!
And this is just ONE of several thrifting adventures I have been on lately!

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Never a dull moment around here folks.
I will keep you posted on where these babies end up, and in the mean time sit back and relax.
I have more thrifty adventures coming your way!

Congradulations to Lori W.!!!!!!!!
She is the winner of the Turquoise Mason Jars!!!!
Have a great week,
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