Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Thrifty Finds-Its Been a While

 How was your weekend? Mine was great! We had 70 degree weather and I spent most of my time in the yard doing Spring clean-up. I had a few minutes to spare Friday evening so I ran by my favorite thrift store on the way home from work. I haven't been in a while so thought I would swing by to see if I could find some things to update my décor for Spring, and I am glad I did!

I found several things I wanted but they weren't so "thrifty" but luckily I am a member of this thrift store's frequent shopper club so I get 20% of my purchases, which put all of within my thrift store budget.

For starters, I am super excited to have found these galvanized metal envelopes. They had two so I bought them both and have two different ideas for hot to use them so you will see these babies again some time soon! (hint, hint)

Then as I was digging through the picture frames I found this nice Pottery Barn frame with a double mating. The price was at the top of my range for a single picture frame, but I get 20% off, AND I love the rich dark frame with the mushroom gray mating so I had to have it!

Then, as I was shopping in the kitchen/dishes aisle, I found this wine holder. I have seen these in the retail stores and thought it would be a great way to organize and display my wine bottles.

The wicker/rattan material on this was all in tact and it has rubber protectors on the feet so no scratching my counter tops.

Now, if you don't already know this, I will fill you in on a secret....I am obsessed with lanterns.
I love them and have them in almost every room of my house and outside on my patio.
There is so much you can do with them, so the next two pieces I found on my shopping trip were destined to be mine!

This little tea light lantern won my heart over and at 99cents I had to have it. 
(pardon the dust...I haven't cleaned it up yet)
And then there was this lantern.
The gray color was perfect for my décor too.
I'm trying to decided whether or not I want it outside or inside. Choices, choices.
For now I will display her inside until the weather warms up, but she may end up outside on my patio.
Now, my last two thrifty finds are a little different in the fact that they did not come from a thrift store.
You see, I belong to a swap n shop Facebook group and these two things were sold by individuals, kind of like Craigslist but through Facebook.
I got the "Keep Calm and Carry On" pillow for a steal at $5 bucks. Its a large pillow and still had the tag from HobLob on it. I simply washed it and gave it a new pillow insert and voila! New pillow for my mudroom bench.
And if you haven't new animal print boots.
 I LOVE THESE! They are lined with fur and so warm!
They were brand new and purchased from an online boutique through the Facebook swap n shop page for $20 bucks.
So they're not really thrift store finds but they ARE "thrifty finds". LOL
So there ya have it. It has been a while since I have shopped and I found so many great things this past week so I had to share them with you!

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So have you joined Facebook swap n shop pages?

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