Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Many Looks of "ME"

I thought I would do something a little different today and share with you something personal.
Pictures of me and my many different hair dos.
For many years my hair and make up never changed. From my senior year in high school (class of 92 rocks!) until my late 20s, I wore the same hair cut and color.
My hair is naturally curly and auburn/red so keeping it curly is EASY. Very low maintenance as all I do is scrunch and go.
Easy peasy!
In college I tried low budget highlights with a do it yourself box kit my friends or family would help me do. This was the kind of kit where you pull your hair thru the cap.
Then as I got older I started having my highlights professionally done using foils.
Then as time went on, guess what? I started to see some gray hair. GASP!!!!
So then I took it up a notch and started having low lights and highlights then before you know it I turned 40...another GASP! and now I do an all over color with highlights and some low lights.
I know, I know......its a lot of work but I like the way it all looks together so that is what I do.
So enough with the boring stories of the aging process and my gray are some pics of me over the past four or five years and my many different looks.
Here is one of my favorite looks. Dark auburn hair color and straightened with the chi iron.
Here I am with it longer, lighter and straightened.
This was a year and an half ago when I was engaged and growing it out for my wedding.
....same time but in the bathroom doing a selfie with my tablet. Fancy, I know. LOL

 This pic below was taken last fall. I was coloring my hair with color from a box kit you get at a mass retailer.
You can actually get pretty good results with box color IF you can find the right shade for your skin, but it fades so fast.
Hair glossing treatments help preserve your color but the box kits fade fairly quickly regardless.
 Here I am with a reddish blond color from a box. Its very bright and vibrant at first but always fades after the third week. I tried compensating for it by going brighter, but it was a bit too bright for my liking.
 So on that note, here  I am a few months ago with professional cut but home hair color.
My basic cut is long bangs and lots of layers. I also have my stylist texturize it which helps think it out a bit and keep the curls from poofing out like a fro.
Here I am at the Chiefs game back in 2010. I was wearing my hair shorter and I really like this cut. I didn't have as much gray then so my hair stylist was throwing in some auburn lowlights and soft blond highlights back then.
This is my favorite way to wear my hair!
Before getting grays, my red hair was losing its vibrancy year after year so my hair was looking blonder every time I got highlights. There was no contrast so all you could see was blond, and I liked it for a while but then it started to look washed out and dull, which lead me to get low lights and highlights.
Then I got the cray-cray idea to go brown.
I HATE this picture below and its one of the only ones I have with this hair color.
If you are looking for auburn colors, keep in mind there is auburn that is more red than brown, then there is auburn that is more brown than red. 
Not all auburns are created equal!!!!!

This hair color was short lived. I think I tried this four or five times and finally gave up. It just doesn't look good on me and my skin tone.
I usually always wear my hair with the long layers and wispy curls.
I used to stack it in the back which makes it shorter in the back and longer in the front and I really liked it, but because I have naturally curly hair the stacked look grows out too fast and ends up looking like a 1980s bob, so I don't do it anymore.
So there ya have it! A little glimpse of me on a personal level and all my different looks.

 If you have red or auburn hair, and/or naturally curly hair I am always up for sharing tips and tricks!

I would also love to hear about your experiences with different colors and cuts. Do you have one look that is your signature go-to look?


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