Sunday, September 30, 2018

Easy Fall Candle Centerpiece

Recently on one of my thrift store adventures, I found this glass canister that was missing a lid. 

It is one of those large glass canisters a lot of people use in their kitchen for flour and sugar, and because it was missing a lid, it was marked down to $1.99. 

I knew I could use a large glass piece like anywhere in the house and I had several ideas for it so it came home with me. 

I decided I wanted to use it in the front room. 
So I added some scented rose hips and cinnamon sticks,

and this three week from B&BW (Vanilla Pumpkin of my favorites!) 

I love that these three wicks come in a jar and the label peels off very easily, so I nestled this candle on top of the rose hips. 

Then voila! Instant candle centerpiece. 

I love that this was something I could do with items I already had, so it was virtually not cost decorating!

The trick to using large vessels like this is to layer the contents. I used a mixture of scented rose hips and cinnamon sticks as a filler, then simply added one of my favorite candles. 

Separately, these things don't really stand out, but when combined, they create a farmhouse style piece of Fall décor!

This could be done with pinecones, or even acorns from your yard! I love using these glass jar three wick candles too so the wax does not run everywhere when it burns. 

If you add a free standing candle, be sure your filler is something that's not flammable, or that can be ruined by the wax. 

More ideas for a filler are:
  • River rock
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Dried beans/peas
  • Corn kernels look great in the fall
  • Sea glass
  • Glass beads


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