Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Roadtrip, A Wedding, and a Hidden Outlet Store

Recently Mr.Chaos and I took a road trip down to Branson, Missouri for his brother's wedding.
Here is a picture of us after the wedding. You guys rarely get to see me since I am the one always TAKING the pictures so I figured I would share this with you.

Since Branson is only about 4 hours South East of Kansas City, we decided that instead of driving back home after the wedding that we would stay down there and make it a nice little weekend get-away.
Of course while there we decided to walk around the outlet shops (which many are closed during the Winter season) and we stumbled upon a the Aromatique outlet.
You may have seen Aromatique around your big box retail stores like Dillard's and Macy's in the home goods section. They carry an awesome array of potpourri, candles, and room sprays.
We have been down to Branson several times but I had NO idea this store was even there, so needless to say I was VERY happy when we discovered it!

As you walk in the store everything was very organized. All the candles, room sprays, potpourri, etc. were grouped by scent so all you need to do is follow your nose! Once you find a scent you like there were so many items to chose from.
I love this scent. It is called Flowers in the Fields, and I thought the candle jar was adorable with the little bee so I had to get one of these.
I was keeping my eyes open for Spring and Summer items but this spicy vanilla scent was irresistible so I had to put one in my basket!
The pretty black glass and warm scent of the spicy vanilla will be perfect for burning this coming Fall.


Then smack dab in the middle of the store was a gorgeous display of The Smell of Spring scent.

The pink and lavender colors are so pretty and everything in this line smells so fresh and feminine. I just wanted to take one of everything! LOL

Then came the section with the scent called Sorbet. It is a Summer scent that has a slight citrus undertone and most pieces come in a soft yellow color. I loved this and thought it would be perfect for sitting out in the upcoming months so I got a candle and bag of potpourri in this scent.
See how everything is packaged and grouped together? This makes shopping and finding what you need so much easier and enjoyable!
Look at this gorgeous candle. I love the intricate design on the lid and the little jewel in the middle. It will look pretty just sitting out on my table.
Then making our way back to the front of the store there is this gorgeous window display with a chandelier but I can't remember which scent this is. I did not buy from this collection but it was set up so beautifully that I had to take a picture.

So even though a lot of the stores were closed for the Winter, we got lucky when we found this one was open!
There were so many yummy scents to chose from and pretty things to freshen up your home.
I walked away with a sack full of things and am so glad we found the place. I will definitely be back for more!
After speaking with the sales person, I found out there there are only two or three Aromatique outlet stores in the country, so if you are ever in Branson, Missouri, you gotta stop by this outlet and look around.


  1. I live just NW of Branson...there are many hidden treasures in that town! After Christmas shopping is the best there and we always enjoy it! Fun post!

  2. Nice to SEE you. Looks like my kind of store! I'm wondering where the giveaway link is - just kidding! :)

  3. ........some bunny told me that there MAY be a give away coming soon.....hhhmmmm..... :)


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