Monday, June 22, 2015

Whats Growing In My Garden-Yellow Loosestrife

Its amazing how a few snips of fresh flowers can brighten up an entire room!
My yellow Loosestrife is blooming now so I brought in a few snips and put the in a white pitcher to add a farmhouse touch to my decor.

Have you ever heard of yellow Loosestrife?

Their delicate flowers kind of hang loosely from the stem which is what I love about them. It gives them a country, or wild flower feel.


I decorate a lot with yellow so these make the perfect centerpiece in my front room!


Here is my yellow Loosestrife in all their glory.


These grow best in full sun and they are maintenance free. I have not watered them at all this Summer. Of course we had a ton of rain this year but even during the hot dry days they don't require much.
Yellow Loosestrife also has a really neat growth pattern.
You see, when Spring comes, they pop up out of the ground a burgundy color and as they grow taller  (to about four feet) into Summer they transition into green, and then once they are fully green they bloom flowers.
I grew all of this from a small clump my friend gave me about seven years ago.
I have thinned them out about three or four times since then and have given some away to neighbors but they keep coming back strong year after year and I love them!
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