Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sneak Peek of Project #2

If you have been following me for any length of time you probably figured out that I try to tackle two to three large outdoor project each Summer.

Last year I had the trees trimmed and a sewer line replaced.

You can read about those HERE and HERE.
This Summer I was gung ho on two major projects but all the rain we had this Spring delayed them and pushed them back into the Summer. I wanted to get them done before my vacations but the rain kept that from happening, so here were are with one project down and the second underway.
I recently revealed completed project #1  new front landscaping, and now I am giving you a sneak peek into project #2.
There are two parts to project #2 and the first part is done.....and now I'm waiting on the second part to get completed before the big reveal, but I will give you a big hint.
It involves this:

Nice huh?

Blogging doesn't always involve the nice pretty pictures.

To get to the nice and pretty we often times have to address the nasty and ugly. You feel me?  

So there is sneak peek to project #2. I'm sure most of you have probably figured out what I'm doing but there is a surprise in store at the end of this project that I can't wait to reveal!

Even Miss Layla is on pins and needles waiting for this project to be completed.

All of the changes around here are keeping her from her beauty sleep! :)

Have a wonderful week!


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