Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Thrifty Finds-Versatile Pieces

It has been a while since I posted a thrifty finds post.
I have had such a busy Summer that I only had time to squeeze in a few quick visits to my favorite thrifty places.
The few times I actually went I found some very unique items.
You may remember this coat rack/wall hook from my
I didn't find it August but I did score both of these at the thrift store so thought I would share them with you.  
The wall hooks and hanging candle jar both came from the thrift store...two different ones but they work together with my farmhouse sign in my kitchen.
 My next farmhouse find was this old white metal stool base that I found at my local Restore shop.
I love finding pieces like this because there are so many things you can do with it.
I have a few ideas but haven't really made my mind up yet, but she will be put to good use soon.

Then came this lamp. I have been on the look out for a new lap for my bedroom or front room.....both need a new one, so when I found this one I knew I had to have it.
Again, this lamp is a piece that can be SO versatile!
The inside of the glass cylinder can be changed out to fit your décor and would look great being changed out seasonally.
And for those of you wondering......the lamp shade HAD to go. I left it at the thrift store and didn't even want to mess with fitting it in my car only to be thrown away so I told the lady they could take it off and try to resell it.
I am working on giving this girl a makeover for Fall so you will see more of her fairly soon!

...and who doesn't love an old crate?!
I love when I find them at thrift stores too but you gotta watch the prices.
The thrift stores aren't stupid. They know what the popular items are and they tend to jack up the prices on things like this but the price was right on this one so in the cart it went!

I also found this glass jar in the same aisle as the crate.
It has a nice woven wrap that I liked so I picked it up too.

For those of you who shop at World Market or Cost Plus you may recognize this piece. LOL
I hunted around for a matching piece but couldn't find one so there must have only been one on hand.

I also snagged this awesome baskets!
They were in great shape and clean.

And the color and weave coordinate nicely with my décor too.  

I also picked up this red pillow that will add a splash of warm Fall color to my living room.

It is a linen pillow case from West Elm.

Sometimes you get lucky and find unique items like this adorable bird pillow.

It looks hand made or something possibly from Hobby Lobby and at only $2.50, I decided to bring it home too!

I love the mixture of fabrics like burlap, tulle, and satin ribbon.

These fabrics put together sure give it a handmade look.

I also found this lipstick/lip gloss holder for $0.99 cents.
Organizers can be so expensive so when I discovered this one for less than a buck I grabbed it.

I also found a cute pink Guess crossbody purse and
Vera Bradley bag.


Both were very clean and in great shape.

And then for my grand finale, I FINALLY found a silver ice bucket for a great price off of one of the Facebook swap n shop pages I subscribe to.

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I cannot wait to clean this up and use it for my Fall and Holiday decorating!!!!

So that's a wrap for August!
I can't believe its September already.
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