Monday, September 14, 2015

Tip for Sanding High Walls or Ceilings

Now that Summer vacations are becoming a memory its time to get back in the swing of things like my DIY projects.
I started my staircase makeover this Spring and am picking back up where I left off this Summer.
My challenge at this point of the project is trying to scrape popcorn ceiling off the high ceiling in the stairwell, along with patching and sanding a crack to prep the walls for paint.  
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I have a ladder that is sufficient for this space BUT I am scared to use it on the staircase.
If it was on flat ground I would try it but I just don't like the idea of being on the staircase so I needed to come up with a way to reach up high without using the ladder and ended up coming up with this idea.

First start with a strong/solid paint scraper and attach it to your extension pole.
The cheap flimsy ones will not work for this as they will bend too easily. *I am not endorsing the Husky scraper, mine just so happened to be this brand. :)
I used the same extension pole that I normally use for painting, but instead of attaching a paint roller I attached my scraper.

Now that you're attached, you can scrape, but what can you do about sanding and detail work?
Well I decided to use my resources and simply cut a hole in my sanding block sponge with my box knife....
Then I slid it over the top of my scraper.
This worked great BUT I had to reinforce it with masking tape in order for it to hold up to the pressure I put on it when sanding against the tall angled ceilings in the stairwell.

Here I am sanding the crack in the ceiling that I had spackled earlier.

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So there you have it!
All you need to reach those places are things you probably already have:
  • Scraper
  • Extension pole
  • Sanding block/sponge
  • Knife
  • Masking tape or duck tape
No need to risk falling off ladders. You can keep your feet firmly on the ground with this method!
After this I am ready to prime and paint but of course I am still searching for the right color.
Hopefully I will pick one soon and get this project back on track!
Have a wonderful day!
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