Sunday, September 11, 2011

LOVIN the fall colors!

Summer is over, but its too early for me to put out Halloween decor so I started taking down the summer stuff and revamping the house with colors of fall. I really love the organe, green, and dark red colors so I decided redo the centerpiece on the dining room table with those colors.

I started with a base-which I chose layered fabric. I used two fabric cream colored place mats and pinned them together with a safety pin to achieve a "table runner" look.

I then centered a round green and white toile placemat, added an iron serving tray and a green vase for the floral arrangement.

I gathered up all the orange, yellow, and green floral stems I had (which happen to be floral that I got on sale at Pier One several years ago), then started added the floral stems to the vase until I achieved the look I was going for.

I shoved spanish moss in between the flowers to hide the gaps and give some texture.

After that I added some accessories and voila! Early fall table setting! :)

NOTE: decorating for fall my cause your hubby to insist you do some fall organizing and clean out your "supply" room (aka junk roon).