Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dragon Fly-Up Close And Personal

A while back when we were outside doing yard work, we got a visitor from a very bold dragon fly, and I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to snag some great pictures of our little friend as he was resting on/or trying to eat one of our plants.

There he is landing on the tip of the plant. Isn't it amazing how big he is and yet he is able to balance on the tip of the plant????

 Well hello there!  He's getting a little up close and personal now.
I swear he let me take pictures of him for about 3 minutes without moving. He just hovered and stared me down.  LOL

 I think I have a stalker.........


 These two pictures give you an idea of the size he is. He is tiny compared to my plants but he is fairly large compared to other flying insects.

Here is another picture of him on the very TIP of this plant. Can you find him in this picture???
<<<<<<<<<<<<<See him??????

I was very lucky to have had so much time to take pictures of him. What a beautiful site it was to watch this dragon fly! I love working out in the yard and being around nature so I highly enjoy times like this when the creatures allow you to observe them in their natural state.
After a few more shots he flew away and went on to do what dragon flies do. Bye-bye little dragon fly! :)

I hope you enjoyed these pics as much as I did! I have never really seen a dragon fly this closely before so it was exciting to watch this little guy and I hope he comes back next summer and brings the rest of his dragon fly friends.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Poofy Cheeks