Thursday, July 18, 2013

Updating a Chandelier

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a great week!
As we continue working little by little on my house to get it ready for the realtor I decided to share with you a small project that we did to add a little character and make the dining room look more
I love chandeliers and have several throughout the in the dining room, one in the master bedroom and I had one in the bathroom but we had to take it down recently.
Chandeliers look GREAT in almost any room but most of them hang from a chain and look unfinished.
 Since we are staging to sell we decided to make ours a little more polished by adding a ceiling medallion that we purchased from Lowe's.   

For roughly $10 bucks you can easily add some architectural detail to your room and give your chandelier a finished look.

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For starters make sure to
And then once it is off you can then begin taking down the chandelier.  
Once the chandelier is removed from the ceiling, take your medallion out of the package and place it where you want it and mark three little tick marks on the medallion with a pencil where ever you want the holes drilled.
 Drill pilot holes and make sure your screws are long enough to go thru the medallion...
Then place it back up on the ceiling and with a cordless drill screw into your holes to secure the medallion in place.   
(for a small medallion like I have I used three screws, but for a larger one you may chose to use four screws).
 We used regular silver screws so if you do this you will need to touch up the screw holes with white paint once you are done.
Now that your medallion is attached to the ceiling, it is time to hang the chandelier back up......

Cover the opening of the medallion with the round wire cover piece that comes with most chandeliers.

NOW its time to turn the electricity back ON........
And enjoy your updated chandelier!!!

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Have a fabulous weekend!
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