Thursday, October 10, 2013

Technical Difficulties and Fall Fashion Inspiration

Well, I guess I have gone too long without any technical difficulties...that is until NOW!
This past week our computer monitor went out. That normally wouldn't be too rough since I also have a laptop, and a tablet, but you laptop screen broke a while back and I have since just used Mr. Chaos' desktop PC as I wasn't sure it was really necessary to have two computers.
I figure why spend the money to fix the laptop if we don't have to. Right?
Well, silly me, because his monitor wend ka-put this past week too so all I have had for online communication is a tablet. ....which is great for checking email sand surfing Pinterest, but its not really very easy to use when you're trying to put together blog posts, so needless to say that's why I have been out of commission this week.
Luckily I work on a computer all day at work so I have been able to check emails and keep up on what YOU are doing during my lunch hour and after work, but I haven't been able to work on my posts so I feel a little behind.
When it rains it pours! Ugh!
Luckily our new monitor arrived and is now hooked up and running, AND I plan on purchasing a new laptop this month too so we're slowly getting back to business around here and I hope to get caught back up this weekend.

Until then I leave you with some cute fall fashion inspiration from my Pinterest boards:
Fall outfit

There is something warm and rich about this combination of scarlet red and taupe. I love it!
love that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fall outfit

This look is fun  with the pops of color from the handbag and scarf. Great neutral basics but fun accessories!
Country girl boots

Ye-haw! Maximize the wear of summer dresses by pairing them with heavier jewelry and boots. Love the belt too!
Fall outfit---I love this!!!!!!

And of course I couldn't resist this cool handbag and gray sweater. Those tall boots are rockin' too!


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