Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pottery Barn Sweater Pillows

Happy Thrifty Thursday!
Today is my 2nd Thrifty Finds post.
The other day I posted about this awesome find, and now I wanted to share with you another cool find, and hopefully turn you into a thriftier if you aren't already!
You see,
I know many of you may be inclined to do a drive by on the section with linens.
If they are well organized they will be on hangers like you see here, which you may think is great for saving time and doing a drive by,
but if you don't really give it a thorough look thru, you are apt to miss out on awesome scores like these!
A set of about 5 or 6 gray sweater pillow covers in two different patterns.
I am incorporating more gray into my décor so I was immediately interested.

As I began to dig and get my hands on them, I realized that they were real wool and were very thick and well made
WITH the tags still on.
They were brand new, and when I looked inside I discovered they were Pottery Barn wool sweater pillow covers.

Pottery Barn, with the tags still on, and in perfect shape.

So now my biggest dilemma was whether or not I get the ones with cable knit, or just regular weave.

Choices, choices..........
And with that I will keep you in suspense!

Have you found any good deals lately?
I would love to hear what is out there in your neck of the woods.


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