Monday, September 1, 2014

Pretty Houses Around Town

The other day I got detoured off my regular route due to some road construction and I ended up in a neighborhood I had never seen before.
There were several houses that caught my eye so I circled back around and decided to take some pictures for you.
I hope you find them as inspiring as I do!
For starters, I was totally taken by surprise when I saw this cozy little cottage, complete with stone fireplace, that was nestled behind some old pine trees.

From the front it looks like a small house, but as you come around the side you see it goes back quite a bit and then it looks like there was an addition added on at some point that opens up to the deck.
And the dormers on top tell me there is living space up there too!

Then across the side yard form the little blue cottage was this home that had a GORGEOUS stone patio, retaining wall, and stone garage.

It looked like the stone garage was there forever. I thought maybe it had been an old stone house or barn that was restored, but when I drove by the owner was cleaning out his car so I stopped and asked him about all of the stonework.
He said he built the stone garage in 1999.
I told him that it looked like it had been there forever and that he did a great job!
It looks great!

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I really would like to have a retaining wall like this down my side yard.  
And this stone patio is perfect!
I was in awe with all the stone and had a million ideas about how to decorate it for Spring and Fall.
In the Spring I could see large urns filled with Hydrangeas, and in the fall pots of beautiful Mums in oranges and reds.
It is a very nice patio! 
So after I drove around several times, a few times to get pictures, I had to move.
By this time I was in love with the neighborhood and decided to take a few more pictures.
I love the curved cement stairs that lead up to this front porch where you are welcomed with a pretty yellow wreath.
Then there was this house with the blue front door.
I love the pop of blue and the iron scroll work above the front door as well with the blue flower pot.
All of it together created welcoming entrance to the home.
Then there was this spacious deck that wrapped
around the back and curved around to the front of the house where it was beautifully landscaped.

Then as I was driving by one of the homes had this awesome outdoor space that was PERFECT!
The pergola, complete with a ceiling fan, landscaping, and white fence made for a gorgeous entertaining area.  
This was nicely done and you can tell that the owners enjoy using this space too.

Then of course there was this beautiful house up on a small hill that had a screened in porch that made me o
ooohhh, and aaahhhh.

This old home reminded me of homes in my neighborhood and that porch gave me some inspiration for my patio space.
I have been thinking about adding a screened in porch just like this one later down the road and would love for mine to look like this.  

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So my detour turned out to be a fun little drive around the side streets of a newly discovered neighborhood.
I found a lot of inspiration for outdoor projects and hope you enjoyed this little tour as well!
Have a great week!

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