Monday, November 17, 2014

Get Ready for the Holidays With Bona Floor Care-Giveaway!

When the good folks at Bona sent me their products to try I wasn't sure what to expect.
After all, there are numerous floor cleaning systems out there so I was curious about the products that I had heard so much about and anxious to try them first hand in my home.
So I put the products to the test in none other,
my dining room!!!!!
You may remember that I started my dining room makeover this Spring with new paint, and then there was the
 Craigslist dining table I made over as well, so this room has been used and abused over the past few months and was in dire need of a deep cleaning. 
All the painting and sanding made for a messy room and dirty hard wood floors, so bring it on!
I started by sweeping up all the saw dust first, then used my new Bona floor mop to clean the floors.

 The floor mop has so many great features too.
It is light weight and the Bona cleaning pad simply attaches right on it with no clips or wonky parts to mess with.
Once the Velcro touches the cleaning pad, its connected!

Next just attach the cleaning solution bottle that's it.
You're ready to clean!
I love that you control how much cleaning solution to use by the number of squirts.

Once I started using the cleaning solution I was in awe!
It did not have a smell and it was gentle just like water.
The cleaning pad glided right over the solution and effortlessly cleaned my floors!
See that?
The sunshine bounces right off the floors! No more saw dust or smudges, just a clean floor that shines!

And my favorite part........look at the swivel head on the mop that can fit in all sorts of places.
This sucker can swivel and move around all sorts of things like your dining table or hutch, so cleaning your floors is fast and effortless!

Once the floors were clean, it was time to use the floor polishing solution.

These pictures are untouched.

I love how clean and shiny my floor is after using the polisher.

 I used the low luster polish and it gave a soft sheen that light bounced right off of.

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Impressive huh?
Now for the giveaway!
I want YOU to be able to spiffy up YOUR HOME for the holidays and so does Bona!
One lucky Decorated Chaos follower will win the entire floor care system below.
You will get the mop, the cleaning solution, and the polishing clothes and polishing solution just as I have shown below.
And you get to chose between the hardwood floor or vinyl and tile solution.
Just enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win this amazing package......just in time for the holidays!

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