Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Obsession With Gray and Red

Its no surprise that the color Gray is on trend right now.
I started falling in love with Gray as I was brain storming on colors for my
For the longest time I have incorporated accessories into my home that were Red or Green,  and lately I have been gravitating towards pairing Gray and Red together.
There is something so eye catching about the subtle tones of the gray mixed with the pop of the red that makes them work well together.
They don't compete, but instead they compliment one another, which is what makes them an ideal color combination for almost any room in the house!
So without further ado, here is a gallery of Gray and Red combinations that I fell in love with while searching for a color for my dining room makeover.
For starters, how about this bathroom from the
Yellow Cape Cod?
She never lets me down with her design.
I think I am captivated by every single one of her posts and this bathroom is no exception.
The rich gray tones on the wall make a perfect backdrop while the red accessories steal the show.
Via Yellow Cape Cod
Then there is this red hutch!
OMG I miss my hutch so badly when I see this picture below.
Can you imagine decorating it for Christmas?
Talk about a gorgeous piece of furniture.
If you want to incorporate Red into your décor, try it by painting a statement piece like a hutch.
Via via Pinterest
Speaking of Christmas, oh, and of the Yellow Cape Cod, here is a holiday themed dining room in Gray and Red.
I could see myself playing board games with my family in this room, or hosting a girls night out and entertaining my friends in here, the warm gray walls just draw me in!
Via Yellow Cape Cod
And then there is this gorgeous red dresser turned baby changing station that I love.
First off, just by repurposing an old dresser into a changing station is plenty for a focal point in the room makes me swoon but then cherry on top is this gorgeous shade of red that was used. 
I love how it turned out and can see the dresser being used later down the road as the kid ages.
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  Via Apartment Therapy
Ok so we move from the inside of the house to the outside.
Gray and Red can be used outside as well.
Just check out this front porch by Sophia's.
Via Sophia's
Ok, so how about in the laundry room too?
I was captivated by the red front loaders the minute I laid my eyes on them in the stores.
Who knew a washer and dryer could actually be PRETTY and be the focal point in a room???!!!!!
They did a great job over at Welcome Sunshine Home in their laundry room, and I really like this shade of Gray they used as well. It contrasts against the wall color but its not too busy.
Via Welcome Sunshine Home
And who says you have to stop there?
How about incorporating Gray and Red into your wardrobe?
Sometimes we get stuck wearing a lot of muted tones in the workplace but you can always make your outfit pop by adding some Red accessories.
I used to have a Kate Spade knock off handbag just like the one below and I loved it!
If you haven't tried carrying a Red purse...I double dog dare you to do it. You will thank me later. :)
Here is a  more casual look using a Gray T-shirt and jeans. 
 via Pinterest
And a cozy winter outfit with a Gray sweater and red boots.
Hello to the boots!
After seeing this I think I need to add a pair of Red boots to my winter wardrobe this year.

Steffiestaffie via Polyvore

And last, but certainly not least, is this outfit that layers a Gray and Red sweater.

Via Pinterest
All of this inspires me to get my dining room done and my Christmas decorations up!
I'm working on it, I promise! :)
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