Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Bed.........Did You Guess Correctly?

So a while back you may remember this post where I was day dreaming about a new bed.
I had moved back to the cape cod and needed some new furniture, and this is what I started with:
It is not a terrible space that needs an over haul, but it is definitely a space lacking style and function!
Luckily there are several good aspects to this space that I can work with.
  • The wood trim: My upstairs bedrooms have dark trim...I think a cherry stain. Over the years I have tossed around the idea of sanding and painting the trim white to match the downstairs trim, but even though I love white trim I can't get myself to paint over such nicely done wood work, AND I like the variety of having the darker stain upstairs.
  • The wall color:  I love the wall color. I painted the bedroom a few years back before I began blogging, and chose this blue color that I took back to have darkened so its a custom color and I really like it.
  • The carpet: The carpeting in my bedroom is a nice neutral cream/beige color. I would prefer  a shaggier carpet or to pull it up and just have the hard wood floors exposed and buy a new rug to go under the bed. All of that sounds like it would be beautiful but I really like the softness and warmth the carpeting adds to a bedroom, so for now it stays.
  • The ceilings and lighting: Ok, so once again I have popcorn ceilings in this room. (sigh) If  you have been following along you know that I am in the process of knocking down the popcorn ceiling in my office/mudroom, (big reveal coming soon)and this girl can only handle one popcorn project at a time! As for the lighting, I like the chandelier but wouldn't mind updating it with a new one.  
For now I needed a new bed, some new bedding, and a new cabinet or shelf for extra storage/organization, and new window treatments.
The chocolate brown duvet cover and curtains are a bit too dark for the look I am going for now so its time they go!
And I am happy to announce that I finally picked out a bed and here she is:
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She's the Birch Lane copy cat from!
Here is the Birch Lane bed and here is mine from
When you compare the two they are almost identical.
I love my new bed and can't wait to start shopping for bedding and window treatments soon!
So did you guess correctly?
Was this the bed you thought I would pick out?
What do you think about my space so far?
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