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Keeping it Clean-Easy Curb Appeal

Sometimes trying to keep your house in tip top shape is so hard to do. Projects cost a lot of money or they require skills you don't have. I have always been a hands on person who likes to save money so I like to try DIYing projects myself first before hiring them out, and sometimes I get lucky and discover new things I didn't know about in the process.

So when I bought house that had siding, I had no idea you actually had to CLEAN the siding. I mean, come on. Don't you just repaint it if its wood? And what about Mother nature? She gives us rain, isn't that good enough for the siding? 

Um, no. Its not. All that rain deposits more dirt and grime onto your house and who wants to constantly paint their home every year to keep it fresh and clean looking? That is expensive and time consuming!

After about two years of owning my home I had completed a couple different projects like having the trees trimmed and knocking down a privacy fence that enclosed my patio, so now the sun was shining in from all different angles and revealing DIRTY SIDING! Gag!

So I HAD to do something about it.

I have a white house too and the dirt was right there in your face. It was all over the siding and gutters and I didn't know what to do.

I didn't have a power washer and at the time I didn't even own a ladder taller than 5 foot high, so how in the world was I supposed to clean my house without renting equipment or hiring someone to do it?

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Luckily I was at Home Depot one day and stumbled upon the best house cleaner EVER by Mold Armor.

I am NOT being paid or compensated in any way to tell you about this stuff. I am just doing my job as home blogger to inform you on what works for me, and this stuff definitely works!


 All you need to do is just hook it up to your hose.
I have one of those Pocket Hoses and it worked just fine.
Turn the dial to the "clean" position and cleaner will start spraying out.
Tip:Make sure to clear your space so you can get every nook and cranny. I remove everything off my front porch before getting started.

Just spray the  house all over making sure to generously cover your problem areas, then let the solution sit for a couple of minutes.  I know you are exciting to get your house clean but you must let the solution do its thing first!
Tip:The solution has bleach in it so be sure to wear white clothes or something that you don't mind getting bleach splattered on. And ALWAYS wear protective eye wear too as the solution will be bouncing off the house and back down on don't want to get this stuff in your eyes.
I even spray my windows.

And I use this handy window cleaner with expandable arm that I also got from HD.

One side is a soft cleaning cloth and one side is the rubber squeegee side.


I use the cleaning wand to scrub everything including my siding and gutters but you don't technically have to.
The solution will loosen up the crud and it will fall off when you rinse.
So now its time to rinse and let everything dry for a few minutes.

 Tip:My first board of siding under my gutters is always the dirtiest so I do the top part of the house twice.

The bottom part comes clean  the first time with just rinsing so I just let the second round of suds clean as they run down the house so I don't waste more solution on the bottom part of the house.

Now look at that clean gutter. Spotless!

The gutters and siding look SSSSOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!

In fact, I can now see the spots that need some paint touch up and caulking. Yay me!  LOL

I do one final rinse and spray off the porch too so I get it clean as well.

Once everything is dry you can bring back your flower pots and door mat and you're done.

Tip:Don't do this when it is scorching hot outside with the sun beating down on your surface. The sun will dry the solution too fast and it will be splotchy on your windows. I recommend doing this when its in the 80s and when the sun is NOT shining directly on your surface.


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All done and now I have a clean back drop for all my new landscaping! Yay!

Did you see my new landscaping?

You can read about it HERE?

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