Saturday, September 10, 2011

French Script Slip Cover

So I'm on my routine thrift store rounds and to my suprise I found something I had been looking for for about a year! A parson's chair slipcover!!!  And this one was adorable and clean so I HAD to grab it! The pattern is beige and cream with black french writing. There were two of this style and two plain black slip covers so I grabbed one of each just in case. The best part is when I got up to the counter they only charged me for the price of a pillow case so each slip cover only ended up costing me $0.99 CENTS!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL for a french script slip cover!
Here are before and after pics. The before is a yellow chair with red, blue, and green polka dots. This was cute and worked great in my old office that was yellow, but now that we painted and bought a new black desk it wasn't working for me so I was on a misson to find or make a slip cover but I didn't want to pay the price. Glad now that I waited!





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