Sunday, January 13, 2013

Miracle Tool! How to Easily Unclog Bathroom Sink Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Before I start my post I must warn you that what you are about to see is not for the faint of heart!

So here goes.......I, like many other women out there, tend to clog up our bathroom sink drain with hair and makeup residue, so every so often we go buy the standard bottle of liquid plumber type of drain cleaner to unclog the drain. You know this stinks and with all of the hazards and warnings on the bottle you'd think we should all wear hazmat suits when this stuff is around!
After using this stuff several times, I started thinking about how it seems to be less affective each time we use it.......and it was at this time that I came to conclusion that this stuff is just a waste of our time!
Ladies...we are not even getting all of the hair out of our drain even when we use the ENTIRE bottle because all of the hair is stuck around the TOP of the drain....NOT the bottom! So each time we use this stuff the liquid runs to the bottom of the drain and what good is that doing us? Not much! And this chemical is not environmentally friend nor is it good for your pipes so why do we keep doing this?
There has got to be a better way!

And that my friends, is the truth. There really IS a better way to unclog your drains without using harsh chemicals. For about $2.50 you can run by HD and pick up one of these little guys and your life will be forever changed! I mean FOREVER changed!
All you do is shove this sucker down your drain the best you can, twist a couple times and pull it out. That is it! And you will get this lovely surprise-

Eewww!!!! GROSS isn't it??!!

And here is the SAME sink after using the zip thing-a-ma-jig, unclogged and draining better than ever!

I am in no way being endorsed or paid by this company for this post. I just want to share my wonderful finding with YOU and hopefully it will change your life forever......because I know that we have all had this problem at least once in our lives!
You can even read comments from others about it HERE on the HD website. It is truly an amazing little tool that works WONDERS!
So the next time your drain starts to appear clogged, get one of these babies and it will only take you a few seconds to clear out your drain. Forget wasting money on those chemical drain cleaners when you can use this as often as you need with no harmful affects to YOU or your pipes!

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