Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy Mexican One Dish Casserole

The man and I had both worked late and it was that awkward time where you're in between visits to the grocery store but we were hungry and I wanted to cook something fast and good but knew I had to work with what I had (until going to the grocery store later in the week). In our home we love mexican food and it seems to be the thing we turn to when we want something easy and good so I grabbed the ingredients I had to work with and got busy making dinner. Here's what I used:

2 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
1 roll of croissants
1 bag of frozen "southwest mix veggies" (corn, blackbeans, red peppers, oninon, etc.)
1 pkg of chicken taco seasons.....this is important-must use the seasoning specifically for chicke but any taco season would do if you had to
Shredded cheddar and motzerella cheeses
Garnish with sour cream and/or salsa

To start, line your baking dish with the croissant dough.
(no need to be fancy just use your fingers to cover the bottom and form the dough into a crust so that it goes a little bit up the side of the dish and can hold your mixture you are about to make)

Then cut your chicken into small cubes and brown in pan. Once the chicken is fully cooked add your seasoning packet, the frozen veggies, some jalepeno, and mix together so that your mixture looks like such:

Once everything is mixed and warmed up just fill your dough lined baking dish and spread mixture out evenly:

Then pop in the oven at 375 until the dough is browned around the edges and everything looks done. Then take out and top with cheese and put back in for about 10 more minutes to melt the cheese.
When its done it should look like this:

After that just cut it out in squares, like you would serve a piece of cake, an top with a dallop of sour cream and add more jalepenos and salsa if you like a kick, and dig in! It was mmm, mmmm, good!

I am pleased how this turned out considering I was only using what we had and making it on the fly. We {LOVED} this casserole! turned out to be one of our favs so I hope you give it a try!


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  1. Wow, this is amazing considering that you just used things on hand. Looks so good.

  2. Yumm. I think my family would eat Mexican every day if I made it!



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