Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Make A Bird's Nest

As I was pulling out all of my Spring decor, I remembered that I had a birds nest somewhere packed away BUT as my luck would have it I could not find it for anything! So....I did what any thrifty chick would do...{IMPROVISE}!
As I was going thru my craft supplies I found an old miniature grapevine wreath then my creativity was sparked and the rest was history!

So, here's what you'll need to make your nest:

*Mini-grapevine wreath
*Handful of spanish moss
*Twigs from your yard
*Bird eggs/bird/or any other embelishment you desire

First start with your base which I recommend being a deep plate, shallow bowl, or pedestal like the one I have shown here.



Next take a small handful of spanish moss and plop it right on the top of the wreath and push it to the side so that the bulk of the moss curves a long the shape of the wreath.

Then start adding in your filler (the twigs) until you get the desired look, then add your bird, eggs, or whatever embelishments you want to add. I wanted the look of eggs but had to {IMPROVISE} with that too by using the robins egg malt ball candy. YES, I used CANDY! LOL ....and I'm happy how it turned out.

Here is the finished product-

And the final product with everything put together-

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I hope that you too have fun with this like I did and keep it simple and "cheep". Maybe let your kids pick out the twigs from the yard so they can be a part of it too. I love how these look and plan to make a couple more..some with less spanish moss and more twigs though. Birds nests are essential to Spring decor so I hope you can make them and enjoy decorating with them like I do.


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  1. This is so cute!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm following you now as well via Linky. :)

  2. that is so cute jenn..please come decorate my house!!

  3. Very sweet little nest. Love your spring decor!

    Thanks for sharing at Simple Klassic Home!


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