Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cosmic Bowling

I don't know about you but we had a pretty eventful weekend this weekend and I would like to share some pictures with you, but since this is a Home Decor/DIY blog, I will start my post by sharing with you what I foun on Friday at Target, before getting into the rest of my weekend adventures. Let me just say I rarely shop at Target...I don't hate it or anything, I just rarely go there and when I decided to stop in on Friday morning for dog food, I was shocked to see this baby sitting there for $5 dollars. YES! It was ONLY $5 BUCK-AROOS!
She is such a cute shabby chic watering can and I adore her light blue and white gingham checked pattern and I plan on buying some fresh flowers to display with her, but for now she adorns the front porch steps.

Ok, now on to the rest of the weekend! Saturday we spent the afternoon bowling at Cosmic Bowl with the family for our nephew's birthday celebration. He turned, makes ME feel old! LOL Not sure if you have ever been to Cosmic Bowlor if your city/town has anything like it, but it is a lot of fun. Our bowling alley has a big screen that displays music videos so there is a lot of music and they have the disco ball and laser lights too which pretty much make it a par-tay! We had a lot of fun and it was good exercise for the two of us.

Here is a pic of Mr.Chaos can see the big video screen in the background with his glow in the dark bowling shoes and the disco lights.

For those of you that do not know, Mr.Chaos has arthritis so bowling can sometimes do a number on his wrists but its great exercise for his knees and feet. Neither one of us are very good at bowling but we always like to go to Cosmic Bowl....esp in the evening with the adults when we can have some beer and nachos while we bowl....but that is another story, for another time! LOL

Here is a pic of Mr.Chaos and me at Cosmic Bowl(ignore the bathroom behind us):

And here is Mr.Chaos' brother and his girlfriend:

We all cracked up when my sister-in-law keyed in "Donke" instead of Donald, so all afternoon we had fun calling my brother-in-law Donkey. (ok, if you're not laughing then just note it must have been funnier if you were there) :)

So anyways, we bowled, had lunch together, and watched the birthday boy open his presents. Of course the average age at this shin-dig was 12, so there was lots of Beiber Fever going on with a lot of Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers too, so needless to say we got our fill of songs about prom, saturday night dates, first kisses, and crusin with friends around the mall. LOL :) I say that sarcastically because we don't have kids but I mean it all in fun. We really had a good time and it turned out to be a nice afternoon with the family that was well overdue!

Lasnight we went to dinner and then went to see the new movie called Ted, and it was HILARIOUS!!!

If you like Family Guy humor you will {love} this movie. My girlfriends and I are planning on going out to see Magic Mike sometime over the next week too....and I can't wait! It also looks like it will be funny! (not to mention the eye candy and Channing Tatum) HELLO! :)

Today, Sunday, Mr.Chaos and I had breakfast together, then went to the pool, and out for icecream afterwards. It was such a relaxing day and weather was a tolerable 90 something degrees instead of the 100s that it was this past week.

So did YOU do anything exciting this weekend?
I hope you had a chance to get out for some fun and spend time with your family too. If you have never tried Cosmic Bowling or Rock-n-Bowl, I suggest giving it a whirl. It is a LOT of fun!

Thats all for now! See you tomorrow when we pick back up on part III of my Home Tour series!


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