Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thrifty Finds and My New Do

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! As you probably know by now I am addicted to the thrift stores as its gainst my decorating 'religion' to spend a lot of money on any one thing, so away to the thrift stores I go to hunt for bargains. Here are some of the treasures I discovered:

I was SO excited when I looked over and discovered these two lovely candelabras! They were $7.99 each (which is close to my thrifstore limit for a single item, but they were both in PERFECT condition and I have BIG plans for them so I could't resist!

Then there was this silver tray/platter. I fell in {LOVE} with it the moment I discovered it. I am not sure how to clean it but I plan on cleaning it up and giving it some lustre and either displaying it or using it in a centerpiece'll have to check back and see!

Here's a close up pic of the etching design and detail on the handles. Its in great shape and it was a steal at only $2.99!

Then of course was this little birdie. I thought it was cute and had originally intended on painting this guy but decided to leave him as is for now since his colors go well with my fall decor.

Next was this gorgeous pillow. As you can imagine, finding quality pillows that are clean and in good shape is hard to do at a thriftstore but this buttery yellow pillow is stiff and feels brand new. I also love the color and piping so I had to have it!

I also stumbled across this hob nob lamp. I am not sure about the electrical as it looks old and orignal to the piece but I thought it was cute and cottagey so I plan on finding a shade for it and displaying it in our office. (...which is another redo that I have recently began working on, so stayed tuned for more office pics in the near future).

And who can resist a glass jar in a cool shape like this?

I was also suprised to find this little gold mirror with the teeniest white/diomandy accents...its so feminine. I am not a big fan of gold so I may paint this one white...not sure yet.

If you have been following my posts closely you will learn that I {HEART} handbags...especially red, turquoise, or green purses. I found this shiney red Nine West purse at the local Red Racks thrift store for $4.98. It appeared to be new or very gently used and the inside was nice too so I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!

Then of course I snagged a new jewelry organizer and a roll of new RED TOILE wrapping paper....another one of my favorites....toile. Can't have enough of it. Over the years I have collected it then sold some of it at garage sales but I keep coming back to it. Its classic french country!

So there's my weekly finds, now for my before AND after:
(drum roll please!)

Here I am right before "going under" LOL

Here's another shot of how I normally look with naturally curly hair (with my mom)

And here are the AFTER photos. I went with a richer color of red this time and of course my stylst always straightens my hair after I have it done. I LOVE my hair straight but never spend the time irioning out in the mornings so its a little treat for myself whenever I have my color freshened up. The curly girls want straight and the straight girls want curly....I'm a prime example of it!!! :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay cool!


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  1. Oh my totally scored last week on the thrifty items.

    And HELLO...your new do looks amazing!!! If you need to buy a straightening spray get the Tresemme Heat Spray. I just tried it and I LOVE it. I usually buy the high end stuff but no more.

  2. Wow, great finds.I am hosting a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you stopped by and entered. Thanks Anu


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