Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Before and After-Ornate Frame

I have always loved those large ornate picture frames that a lot of people are incorporating into their decor, so a while back I set out to find myself one and after several trips around town to various thriftstores and a few months later, I found my diamond in the rough.

I had almost given up on finding one then one day I had decided while at the Goodwill I would go to the back of the store and check out the picture frame bin to see what I could find, you know, way back in the back by the restrooms where people forget to look...... and to my suprise there she was! "Where have you been all my life" I exlaimed! Ok, maybe not THAT dramatic but I was very happy that she found me! LOL

She was perfect in shape and form, but boy oh boy was she dull, dirty, and in need a makeover!

Check out the brown with gold patina. Oh my. Soooo not my style and I can see why she was still at the thrift store looking like that!

So I took her out back and washed her up then gave her a couple nice coats of white satin spray paint and transformed her into this-

See the details and scrool work in teh frame? The white paint really makes the detail stand out.

And now she proudly sits atop my entryway table with her other shabby, coastal inspired friends where she gets to strut her stuff-

White Picture Frame

Talk about a transformation! Its amazing what a little paint can do...
And white is always a winner in my book!
(Here's another shot of the before & after)



So don't be afraid of the piece that everyone else is passing just may be YOUR diamond in the rough! Only YOU can transform the ugly ducking into a beauty queen with a little elbow grease and imagination!

Have a great hump day folks!

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