Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week's Thrifty Finds......The One That ALMOST Got Away!

I am going to do this week's 'thrifty finds' post a little differently by showing you what I bought and then showing you a few things I didn't buy. Afterall, thrifting is not only about the literal form of finding something you want or need for cheap, but its all about the thrill of the hunt, and during my hunt I often come across fabulous finds but lets face can't save everything! LOL As much as I would like to buy everything my heart desires, its just not gonna happen, but I felt some of the things I did not buy this week were worthy of display.

So without any further delay, here is la piece de la new turquoise cart. I am SO in {LOVE} with this piece! 

When I walked in to my local GW I was on my lunch hour so I had to make it snappy, and to my suprise, there she was...sitting all alone by the golf clubs of all things. Now why on earth is this gem not spoken for??? It didn't matter to me b/c as far as I was concerned she was MINE and I had BIG plans for her! Two ladies stoped me and said they had looked at the cart too and asked what I had planned on doing with it, so others had their eye on it too, but I was the lucky one...or so I thought.

Not so fast partner!  Apparently this GW has a strict policy on their larger "furniture" type of pieces and the price tag has two parts to that stays on the piece and one you take with you to the check out. Well, someone apparently tore off the bottom tag which meant the item was essentially "reserved" until closing time and was unable to be sold without the other piece of the tag!


I REALLY wanted the cart so I asked nicely, gave a please and thank you but was unsuccessful and I had to leave empty handed. (boo!) My only opportunity was the next day AFTER WORK....AFTER 5pm which meant surely the cart would be sold by then.

.......or so I thought...............

To my suprise, when I got there at 5:15 the next evening it was there and retagged, ready for sale. Woo hoo!

So in the cart it went!!!!

While I was there I snagged a summer dress. First off it was new and the fabric was stiff as if it had never been worn...and secondly, it was grey and white toile which would be nice with a cardigan in the fall and silver strappy shoes, so in the cart it went.

(Bad pic of was hard to take one of myself in the mirror but you get the gist.....LOL)

Then there was this wire basket and a fabulous giraffe print pillow from Pier One that was in great shape. (good pillows are hard to find.) This will coordinate with my other fall patterns and colors too so it was a keeper!

Then there was this little guy. I have never seen a planter like this and I'm always looking for quirky stuff so he had to come home with me. I will be using him soon and will post the final post but he is soooo stinkin' cute!!! Rhino, hippo???? Either way I can't wait to set him out on the patio. He will make a great conversation piece. (I laugh everytime I look at him!)   :)

And this Halloween pillar holder from Party Lite was a steal at $1.99. The skeletons can be placed upright and used as a tealight holder or turned upside down and used as a pillar holder.
Tres cuteness!!! 

So those are the things I DID buy this for the second half of my post-the things I DIDN'T buy this week.....drum roll please...........

I adored this metal hand painted New York platter. It was so shabby chich but I don't have a tie to NY and I felt I should leave it behind for someone else to buy and enjoy.

Then there was this PINK lamp!!! This was HARD to not take with me and I drove out of the parking lot and back in debating on wether or not I should get it and I decided against it, but OH MY how cute this would be with the right lamp shade!!!!  Every time I look at this picture I kick myself so I'm living with my decision and that's that!!!  LOL :)

Then there was this awesome folding metal tealight/fireplace screen. I wanted it too and thought it would look so cute on our fireplace hearth but again, it was meant for someone else and not me that day. If I go back and its still there then maybe, but I would prefer that PINK lamp instead!!! (I'm so bad!) :)

So what do you think? Do you like the turquoise cart and hippopotomus planter, or the pink lamp and fireplace screen instead?????  ...Or do you like it all???? I'd love to hear what you think about my adventures in thrifting.


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