Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I have been buys the past week or so, like everyone else, trying to get my fall projects underway, but I did have a few moments to run by my favorite thrift stores this week and here is what I found:

A beverage dispenser. It is hard plastic with etching on it. It was clean and in great shape with no cracks so I got it and plan to use it whenever I entertain during the holidays.
Basket of goodies.
Cute white washed basket and large basket/trash can (i am seeing closet or bathroom organization in their future), oh and I can't forget the staple gun I found too.

 This fall/Halloween welcome sign. It has some minor wear but it was a good deal and it will look fine with how I plan on using it.

Four basket weave shades for a chaddy. These are in PERFECT condition and they were only $1.99 each and HALF off that! So I got all four for $4 bucks. 

 I don't know about you but Ballard has me LOVING the basket weave shades these days, but theirs are $21.99 each!!! and for a set of 4 that is $88 bucks folks!

Above you will see my thrift store shades are on the left and the Ballard Designs shade is on the right, which you can find here. They are pretty much identical but I got mine for a FRACTION of the price! Lets see....$4 versus $88 dollars for the exact same look????? That's a no brainer!!!

I planned on putting them on my chaddy in the green dining room at the other house, but I need one more. If I can't find one for cheap I will make one that will look similar, to complete my set of 5.

Then there is this little ol' wicker frame that I thought was adorable and looked so shabby chic and little accents like this really finish off a room too so I had to get it. Thinking of displaying an old baby picture in it.

Ceiling medallion. I love these things and I had a white one for the longest time that did not fit the radius of my chandelier but I held on to it thinking I would transform it then ended up selling it in a garage sale and kicking myself for it ever since! This one was new in the box and oil rubbed bronze  too, which is a double bonus, so I snatched it up. I like it a lot and have plans for it already in the works.

Fall floral ring. A home decor enthusiast can't have too many of these.  Right? LOL

Owl Tshirt from Maurice's that says "Love Whooo You Are". Too cute and very fall-ish so I had to get it!

.......Then there is this picture. I debated on whether or not to get it since I am not a fan of gold frames and didn't really want to redo the frame, BUT this print has such rich color and it is a print of Paris, which is a double bonus for me since I love all things Frenchy, so I got it.

The colors are amazing. It appears to be a watercolor/sketch type of picture, not sure exactly but the picture is signed in the lower left corner and someone previously paid money to have it specially wired for hanging by a custom frame shop.....swanky huh, for a thrift store?! LOL

So what do you think? Any favorites?

If you are a thrifter I'd love to hear where you like to shop. I'm a GW junkie but I'm always looking for a deal and love discovering new places.
Have a great day!


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