Monday, October 15, 2012

I Did It! My First Handmade Rosettes.

Ok, so over the last year I have fallen in love with rosettes. They are everywhere in DIY blogland from fashion to home decor so I finally broke down and tried making my own for a project I am working on.

This is a little outside of my comfort zone so bare with me when I tell you that my first attempt with burlap was a total failure, so I got back up on the horse and tried again, but this time I tried a smoother, thinner cotton fabric and I think they turned out great.

 I wasn't sure about the whole "twist and roll" technique and it was kind of tricky at first, hence the failure on rosette #1,but once I got the technique down I was able to make three in a matter of 15 minutes or so.

Here is the fabric I am using for my project.

My first two are the black and beige checkered rosettes and once I got the hang of it I made the brown burlap one too.


Then, while I was on a roll, (ha ha) I tried my hand at the coffee filter flowers.
Sounds easy peasy like a child's craft, right???
Well, it takes technique......which translates to #itsnotthateasy!
So needless to say my first attempt was just ok so I had to make another and then another. So I made a total of three....two of which I will share with you.
This one was made using what I call the "petal" technique where you cut out sections with scalloped edges and hot glue them into a flower shape. I actually hot glued these pieces around a piece of cereal box cardboard and am fairly pleased with it.
The second one below was made using the traditional coffe filter technique where you take several filters, fold, cut, and fan into the shape you want. I like both types of flowers and it would depend on which project I am using them for as to which method I would try.
All in all my flower making turned out better than I had expected, but I still need more practice.
Good thing we have several packages of coffee filters at hand since Mr. Chaos switched to a Keurig coffee maker! LOL :)
I think my favorite are the rosettes though. For my upcoming project this will be what I use. How about you? Do you have a preference as to which type of flower you like? Fluffy coffee filter type or rosette style?
I hope you find time this week to let out your creative side and get your hands dirty with a project or two!
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. They all look beautiful! Wonderful job. Megan

  2. You did a good job on those. I have not attempted making any, but I may.

  3. Thanks Kim and Megan! Now that I figured out the out! I'll have them all over the house! LOL :)

  4. Can't say I have tried. Yours look lovely.


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