Monday, October 1, 2012

Trash to Treasure......In the Making

I am so excited to show you my newest "home decor laboratory" specimen.....please welcome Miss. New Glass Lamp.

She is sleek, clean, and in great shape, but a little bland and boring in her current state of being.

....But do you see what I see? Can you see it? A diamond in the rough?

Nice large base, with NO chips! NONE! Zip, zilch! Nada! (which is rare for a glass lamp at a thrift store)

To you she may look like an ordinary glass lamp, but to me, this is what I see:

(L to R: Pottery  Barn,, Grandin Road)

So with the help of my handy dandy can of Looking Glass spray paint,

Looking Glass Aerosol Spray Paint 6 Ounces

I hope to give her a new lease on life so she can let her light shine!

......So what do you think? Do you think she's got what it takes???


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