Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thrifty Finds-Perfect for Spring Decorating

This week was a pretty good week for deals. February has been a very busy month for me and I was just now able to find a few extra minutes to stop by my thrift stores this week and I am glad I did.

But before I show you what I found this week, I want to share a thrifty find from a while back that I realized I did not share with you.

One day, back in December when I walked into my local GW, I went straight for the picture frames to see if I could find something for my latest project. I found a basic 8 1/2 x 11 frame for 99 cents, which was perfect, but as I was making my way up to the counter I just happened to glace over to a cart full of stuff that was sitting, waiting to be put out on the shelves. In the cart was a full set of white hob nob milk glass!!! What? Is this a joke? Nope! Its all there....13 pieces in perfect shape....not a chip not a scratch so I snatched up every piece and brought them home with me.

The set includes this cute pitcher....

And butter dish set.......


Cute little S&P shakers......

Here is some of the smaller pieces washed and ready to be displayed in my china cabinet....

I just {LOVE} this fluted dish. It is so feminine and pairs nicely with the saucer it sits on......

Since I did not have room for all of the pieces in my china hutch, I decided to use the bowl/vase for my jade plant. I love the scalloped edges of this piece. The white is so crisp and clean and perfect for Spring!

See the scalloped edges?

Here are the smaller pieces in the cabinet.

All clean and displayed together.

The larger pieces in the set are still waiting for their home. I am thinking about moving around the wine glasses to make room for the larger pieces, or display them on a different shelf...I have not made up my mind where I want to display the other pieces.

I can not believe that I found such a large set in perfect shape. I have always loved milk glass and the pop of crisp white just brightens up the dining room and gets its ready for Spring.

Then there are these two lanterns. The large one I found this week, and the other one was a find from a month or so ago. They are solar lanterns and I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it when I first discovered it (the smaller one) but I as drawn to it and thought it would be a unique piece to add to our home somewhere. Then when I came across the larger one I knew right then that I wanted to display them in our newly painted bedroom.

So here they are together. The larger one still has the tag.

I want them here to be part of the vignette that fills this large space.

 And here they are in their new home.

I am not finished with this space, but they will go nicely with what I have planned for up there.
And for a total of about $8 bucks I am happy!

So there ya have it! New lanterns and a huge set of hob nob milk glass.

Do you like milk glass? What treasures have you found lately?


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  1. Great treasures. Love the milk glass!

  2. What a find!!! I have a few pieces of hob nail milk glass from my mom and have only found one piece at GW. I'll have to get mine posted, we are re-doing our kitchen shelves where they live. Cheers! Lori

  3. I do love milk glass, and you found some really beautiful pieces! I'm always on the lookout for pretty dishes and bowls, especially colored glass. And small pretty bottles. Thank you for your post--I enjoyed reading it!

  4. Cool things! I love milk glass. I would have flipped out if I had seen that cart full of it!

  5. Really awesome stuff you found! They look great in your china cabinet!
    Selene @

  6. Are you kidding me? That has to be the best find I have seen in a while.. good for you!

  7. I would say you sure did hit the jackpot when you spotted all that milk glass!

  8. I love Hobnail Milk Glass and I own a few pieces. I have never seen a butter dish like that!! What great finds~ Have a Great Week~ Lynn H @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  9. it is so much fun to find some treasures at the thrift store! yours are lovelY! :)

  10. wow those are some awesome finds I have a pretty huge collection I just started last year I'm loving decorating with it for every season

  11. Wow! I have never seen a hobnail butter dish before. Fantastic finds!

  12. Never used to like milk glass but now it looks sweet to me. Hmmm, may have to add it to the treasure hunt list. Hubby Hartman will be so pleased when I tell him I will be dragging home more stuff!

  13. Love your white finds--those ruffly little dishes are adorable!

  14. Wow what great finds! That milk glas is the pitcher..lucky girl!


  15. Wow! You lucky girl. Love the pitcher and scalloped great!

  16. really hit the jackpot....great, great find!!...Love the hobnail milk glass!

  17. Wow, lucky you to find such a beautiful collection of milk glass! And such great prices, too! I love the hobnail pattern too. I received that same little pitcher, as well as a larger one and four glasses, from my sister for Christmas. I've never seen a milk glass butter dish before, love it all!

  18. Oh Jennifer, I LOVE your milk glass. It's so funny cuz when I saw it, I thought of my own find this week. It's a gorgeous 11 inch milkglass vase with fluted edge...Fenton, I believe. There were many other pieces there, too, but I resisted. Now I'm thinking maybe I should go back and get them (if they are still there.) See how you influenced me? hee hee Susan

  19. I can just picture a little vintage Easter grass peeking out of that beautiful hobnail milk glass. I cannot believe the price!

  20. Oh my goodness - you hit the JACKPOT with the milk glass!! I love it, especially the hobnail design! Thanks for sharing - wish I had been shopping with you that day!

  21. Congrats Jennifer! I'm passing the Liebster Blog Award to you which honors new bloggers. Get the details at

  22. You have a lovely milk glass collection! What a find! I'm a little jeal over your shakers... those are too cute!

  23. Thanks ladies! and Laurie, I will be swinging by soon to get the award. Thank you so much!

  24. Oh my goodness!! What a fabulous find! I would be in heaven with that many for those prices.
    Debbie :)

  25. Great finds! Love them!
    Found you via a link party!

    1. How lucky to find all of those beautiful hobnail milk glass pieces. They must have been someone's collection. Don't you wish you knew their story? I have never seen a milk glass butter dish. I inherited my Mom's milk glass and have bought several through the years. I have a flower pot like the one your jade plant is it. I used to have a beautiful white/purple edged African violet in it, but I really like the way your little jade plant looks in it. Your lanterns were a great find also. I just found you on My Romantic Home.

  26. Holy cow! That's a lot of milk glass! I love it! I started recently collecting so I only have a few pieces...just found you through keep calm and link up :) newest fan!

  27. Now way, I am so envious of all your milk glass. What a score! Thanks for sharing at the Cabin.

  28. Holy Cow! What a find! You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  29. Oh my word, your finds are to die for!! What a bargain you're a lucky gal, as every piece is gorgeous and you started an awesome collection immediately! Thank you for hosting too! I just came from Make it Pretty Monday at The Dedicated House.

  30. I adore milk glass, but I regret to say I have found no good finds lately! It can be hard to find good stuff where I live although I am always looking!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  31. Wow, you most definitely did score... Talk about the right place at the right time. Enjoy them! :)

  32. Great finds - what a huge stash of milk glass!

  33. I buy anything milk glass -it is y favorite..I love it!

  34. Awesome find! My Goodwill in San Antonio would have had 12.99 on every piece! Love that gorgeous milk glass.

  35. Normally I am drawn to more colorful pieces of pottery but that hobnail milk glass is so crisp and clean that I would never have been able to pass it up in a million years! You definitely had some good thrifing karma saved up to come across that stash. Good for you!


  36. I've never seen a hobnail salt and pepper shaker before! I used milk glass pieces as centerpieces in my wedding and was able to find most of them at Goodwill and borrow the rest from my mom and mother in law. I love the delicate vintage look of the hobnail pattern in particular, and our baker was even able to give our cake "hobnail" frosting :)


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