Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bathroom Needs HELP!

To whom it may concern, well actually, my opening line goes something more like this:
Dear previous home owner from 1980, I regret to inform you that the hideous yellow laminate counter top and sinks, and yucky bathtub tile that you purchased have seen their days!
In a matter of weeks they will be transformed into something more suitable for 2013.
And for the record, when in doubt always choose WHITE! ....It never goes out of style and future home owners will thank you for it!
Current home owner
Exhibit A:
And as if that wasn't enough................I also have THIS elephant in the room..........
Exhibit B: 
 Don't ya just love the pink and white speckled tile? Sigh.......
Who in their right mind EVER thought this tile was pretty? That it was worthy of spending money on and tiling their bathtub surround with it????
If I had a time machine I would go back in time to oh, around 1980, and have a word or two with the owner and persuade them to go with WHITE TILE!
But I don't have a time machine, nor do I know who was responsible for such an eye sore, but I am bound and determine to give this bathroom some TLC and let it have its moment of fame that is long overdue!
Stay tuned........you will be very surprised with the tricks I have up my sleeve for this space!   :)

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