Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Power Tool Fun at Do It Herself Workshop

Do you remember recently when some bloggers were promoting the Home Depot Do It Herself workshops?
Well, in November, right before Thanksgiving Home Depot was hosting a power tool class that I attended, and in the class each person made their own monogrammed wreath.
It was a lot of fun so I have some pictures to share with you from that night.
First off, here is our instructor.
You don't have to be intimidated or scared because the instructor will make sure you are using the right safety gear and he/she will show you how to operate whichever tool(s) you are using.
 For our class they broke out all kinds of tools and even introduced us to the different brands like Skill and Ryobi.
Here are some of the Ryobi tools they brought out for us to get familiar with.
There were about 5-6 of us in the class and they asked us which tools we wanted to learn about and luckily we were able to play with the
circular saw, jig saw, and miter saw.
(circular and miter shown here on the work table)
Here is the instructor going over the basics of the circular saw with one of the women in the class.
Women of all ages and backgrounds come to these classes.
Here is a younger college aged girl who came to learn more about tools.

And of course, here I am working the jig saw.
I am very focused so I apologize for not looking up!

We each created our own monogrammed wreath by using the tools to cut out our letters from the plywood.


As you can imagine, the letter "R" had a lot of twists and turns so it took  me a while to get used to the jig saw and how to maneuver it around the corners.


In the end I don't think it turned out too bad.
It was harder than it looked to get close to the line and I even went over a little bit in some places but all in all it was do able and I can see myself getting better with practice.

 After our letters were cut out we simply sanded it down then wrapped greenery around it and secured it with the staple gun to create a wreath.

 Check back later this week to see my finished wreath and the rest of my Christmas decor.
(More to come on that). 
And one last little thing for you to watch is the video of me using the circular saw.
Its not too exciting, so be prepared, but it illustrates how the instructors have everything lined up and ready for you so you can learn how to use the power tools with ease.
(did you see hunky assistant "Woody" in the orange apron?) LOL
If you didn't know about these classes before I hope that you like what you see, and if  you are thinking about signing up for one I highly encourage you to do so.
HD offers classes on tiling, power tools, painting, plumbing, and almost everything else out there that you can imagine!
I plan on taking more classes next year and start using power tools more too............funny how I am scared of my sewing machine but not afraid to pick up a circular saw. LOL :)
*Just so you know, my friend Lori is coming over to sew with  me some time soon so I am bound and determined to tackle my fear and learn how to use that thing!!! 
Once I do you better watch out because I will be making more pillows and table runners than I know what to do with!!!
As for the class, I had a lot of fun and thank Home Depot for hosting them.
I will definitely be back to learn more!
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For more information about Home Depot's Do It Herself workshops click HERE and search by the location nearest you.
I was not compensated in any way by HD, just wanted to share my good experience with you! 
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