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Repurposing Old Barn Doors-Guest Post Paisley Hansen

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have Paisley Hansen with me today as a guest poster.

She often writes on behalf of which has been featured on HGTV and a few other large networks, and today she is going to share with you some inspiring home décor ideas using old barn doors.

I am a sucker for repurposing projects, and as you can see below, Paisley has some great repurposing ideas!


From Old to New

Giving an old item a new function is even better than getting something new. Not only do you end up with something totally new and unique, but you also get to hang on to the history and sentimental value of the original piece. In these examples, people have taken old barn doors and breathed new life into them. You don't have to use an old door as a door in order for it to be a practical and beautiful addition to your home. Here are nine new ways to use an old door.

1. Window Sill

In this example, someone has re-purposed an old door to maximize the dead space around a window. By adding hooks and shelves, this piece is both functional and beautiful.

2. Picture Collage

Old doors make the perfect backdrop for picture displays. If you don't want to put holes in your walls but would like to display family photos, find an old door and nail your picture frames to it. You won't damage your walls, and you can move pictures around to your heart's content. A few more nail holes will only add to the character of your rustic door.

3. Corner Shelf

In this example, the door was cut in half, attached with hinges, and decked with shelves. Corners often become dead spaces, but this is an easy, inexpensive solution that is both beautiful and functional.

4. Headboard

Every country or western bedroom should have a door from an old barn as the headboard. It is an easy, inexpensive project that becomes the dramatic focal point of the space.

5. Table Top

If you host Thanksgiving dinner, you realize how important it is to have a big table. These old doors are the perfect size for family gatherings, so add legs and transform that old door into a gorgeous new dining table. If you have a really big door, you can cut it down to the size you want and use the spare wood to make a matching bench.

6. Wall Display

In this example, the homeowner added shelves and a few simple accessories to create a stunning wall display. Reclaimed doors bring such warmth and charm to any room, yet they are neutral enough to allow for a wide range of interpretations. If you add shelves, you can display collections, candles, or accessories that reflect your personal style. Or, you could grab a can of spray-paint and create your own graffiti art. Some people paint an American flag on their reclaimed door to create an old-fashioned patriotic display. If you've got a blank wall crying out for some art, an old door can be a beautiful canvass.

7. TV Cover

If you are attracted to rustic, country design, you probably don't want your cold, modern technology overtaking your space. Old country doors can cover your TV so that it can disappear when you are not watching it.

8. Coffee Table

Just add legs and your old-fashioned door becomes a beautiful coffee table. In this picture, the person used wagon wheels as the legs. Feel free to get creative with the legs of your coffee table to create a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

9. Kitchen Island

This kitchen is long, narrow, and short on counter space. These homeowners used a piece of an old door to create a kitchen island that fits their space perfectly. They gained tons of food prep space and still have plenty of room to move around. Plus, it adds character and charm to their kitchen. However, if you are planning to prepare food on your re-purposed door (whether you are transforming it into a table or a kitchen island), make sure to properly seal the wood to make it food safe.

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