Thursday, July 31, 2014

Special Delivery-Dining Room Table

If you have been following along, a few days ago I shared with you a major plumbing project that I had going on in June.
At the end of the post I told you that I was having something special delivered on Saturday.....well, here it is.
My new (to me) dining room table!
I have been doing so much research looking through all the different styles of tables and was torn on whether or not to get a rectangular table like a farm house table, or a circular table like a pedestal table.
There are so many beautiful table styles out there that once I decided on a round pedestal table, I then had the hardest time deciding on whether or not I was going to paint or stain the table.
Before I spent any money on a table I wanted to make sure it was what I wanted, so after months of searching I finally found a table on Craig's List  and it was exactly what I had been looking for!

The diameter of the table is roughly 41-42 inches, which works perfectly in this space.
As for the quality of the table, since it is used, it has a beautiful crisp white pedestal that is in great shape.


I will need to do very little to the pedestal base,
but the top needs some work.

It has some spots that are worn but the overall condition of the table is solid.

I will be sanding off the finish on top to remove the light oak finish and smooth out all those scrapes and scuffs, then I plan on finishing the top, but I will stop there and leave the rest a surprise! :)

I love buying things off of Craig's List.

This makes my fifth purchase in the past eight years,
and I am happy to say my experiences have been pleasant, but this particular time I met a really neat young couple
who are just starting out and it was a pleasure buying from them.
They made the process go by so much easier because they were so personable and genuinely nice people, and for a little extra they delivered the table too.

I love my new (to me) dining room table and can't wait to get back to work on my dining room makeover!
I am super excited about all the ideas I have in store
(including updates made to the chairs you see in the picture)
and can't wait to show you the table
once it is completely done.
Wish me luck!!!! :)

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