Sunday, December 14, 2014

Decorating Christmas Cupcakes and a Giveaway

Why didn't you tell me we only have two more weeks until Christmas?!
So much to do and so many presents to wrap.
This weekend I decided to spend some time baking and instead of making sugar cookies, I made some Christmas cupcakes.
I had some shopping left to do and a Christmas party to prepare for so time was limited  so I broke out my box of Oodle Tips.

Have you heard of Oodle Tips?
They are my newest favorite kitchen gadget and they have made my life so much easier this holiday season.

Icing sugar cookies and cupcakes can sometimes be messy and take a lot of time to get it just right.
Well, the Oodle Tips are these fabulous icing bags with tips built right in so all you need to do is fill the bag with icing, cut your tip and away you go!

Seriously! It is THAT EASY!

See, they even tell you where to cut the tip to get the exact shape you need.
The Oodle Tip comes with the tip built right in so you can get icing as thin or fat as you want simply by cutting the tip.
The deeper you cut the tip, the larger the tip gets which allows for more icing to come out.
So while I was waiting for my laundry to dry I simply made a quick batch of icing.....

Filled my Oodle Tip bag..........

Then I cut the tip to start with thin piping ......

And made some random designs on the cupcakes.

Then I cut down the tip one more notch to make the hole bigger so I could make this design.....

On some of the cupcakes I spread the icing with a knife,

And then for others I cut the tip even deeper to create a starred edge.

Then I used it to create this design.

I sprinkled them with red and green sugar sprinkles,
and voila!

I also used the star tip to create this squirly top with the lines like you often find in bakeries.
Looks fancy! :)
And in FIFTEEN MINUTES I had decorated a DOZEN cupcakes and there was

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 I love all the different designs you get with ONE bag!


The buzzer on my clothes dryer went off so it was time to get dressed and head out to a friend's Christmas party.
So I simply threw the empty Oodle Tip bag in the trash, no mess to clean up, and away I went!

I decorated an entire dozen in several different designs and only used ONE bag!
Just think how much faster you can get sugar cookies decorated, or fill your deviled eggs!
The list of uses goes on and one.
I love the Oodle Tip and I am delighted to be able to offer one lucky person a box of their very own Oodle Tip bags with tips!
These will come in so handy for all your holiday baking, Valentines Day sweets, and Easter too.
And you can even use them to make yummy drinks like you see here below!
 Photo: Beautify Your Food Creations With OodleTip® Bagswww.bonnosh.comOodleTip® bags are the world’s ONLY disposable pastry bags that have attached versatile decorating tips. Stop using boring Ziploc bags to beautify you food creations. With the disposable OodleTip® bags you will NEVER again need to assemble pastry bags to rusty old metal tips; better yet, no more clogging, no more mess and no more clean up!To pipe beautiful OodleTip® designs simply use scissors to snip the OodleTip® in the desired design location. One OodleTip® can create countless shapes, sizes and designs. Use the OodleTip® to make holiday cakes, cupcakes, pipe out and decorate cookies, fill donuts, fill appetizers, fill cannoli’s, chocolate molds, candy making etc.Each box of OodleTips contains 10 disposable pastry bags with attached tips and are on sale for a limited time only at Don’t be caught this holiday without a box of OodleTips. Get yours today while supplies last at Michaels Craft Stores or directly at
Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a box for yourself!
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