Monday, December 29, 2014

My 2015 Blogging Goals

Hello? Is this thing on? Cough, cough....well here we are finally after a small break. I am slowly starting to get back in action after a very busy Christmas holiday week that consisted of multiple get-togethers. One of them was at my house, plus we had a birthday party thrown in there too for a family member so I have been a very busy girl.
2014 is flying by and will soon be a memory, so I am taking a little time to embrace these last few days and plotting my plan of attack for a new year!

I am super excited about what lies ahead next year and am really looking forward to expanding my skills and accomplishing a couple different goals.

 My primary goal in 2015 is to be more of a risk taker when it comes to decorating and DIY'ing my home. The last renovation it had was in the early 90s. Since I have owned it, I have painted and redecorated so it isn't "bad" by any means but it is definitely overdue for some updating, so I am taking the plunge and going beyond paint this year and really getting my hands dirty with power tools and trying different building materials that I was too apprehensive about previously.
Hopefully my risk taking works out!
I also plan on redefining my spaces. I have a two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home so space is limited but after really taking the time to assess the layout of my home I have come to the conclusion that several spaces are not being fully utilized to their potential. So I will be redefining the space in several of my rooms too which will hopefully add more storage and living area as well.
With all of that being said you can see where this is going, but to make it official I am super excited to announce that I am planning on doing an entire house update this next year! 

I will go room by room and tackle the problems in each room with budget friendly DIY projects, but my big project this year will be a KITCHEN  makeover!
Yikes! Its very scary but super exciting at the same time! New appliances, flooring, paint color, lighting-its ALL going to change!I have been saving up my pennies and doing a lot of planning and I'm optimistic that I can knock most of it out this next year, with a little help and determination!
So needless to say there will be a lot of really cool tutorials and posts coming your way, especially in the first half of the year as I kick off the new year.

This "whole house" makeover has been a nine year project in the making!
So I hope you stick around, grab a snack, maybe a cup of coffee and enjoy this ride with me as I transform my little Cape Cod into the home of my dreams!
Here's to a new year and a new beginning!


Have a Safe and Happy New Year!


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