Monday, December 12, 2016

Magnolia Home Shopping in KC

The other day when I was Christmas shopping I ran by our local Nebraska Furniture Mart to pick something up for someone. If you are in Kansas City you have to go by there. They are massive home décor and furniture store, and they are a retailer of the Magnolia Home line by Chip and Jo.

I was there shopping for others but could not help myself!!! I had to take several pictures of all the farmhouse goodies to share with you so you can see just how gorgeous the line is.

Here's Chip and Jo meeting you at the front doors!

Everything is displayed in a home setting vignette.

Lovin this galvanized metal bar cart!!!  Super cute and easily to keep clean. I can see this in a dining room, in an office for organization, or even out on the patio. This really is a versatile piece to have at home.

Gorgeous farmhouse table.

This cow picture looked like it was made with water colors. It was really cool!!!

Gorgeous scalloped edged table with benches.

Lots of wooden crates and I was particularly drawn to this galvanized metal watering can.

It has a lip/handle on it so it can have over baskets or crates.

It might be hard to see here but this is a garden rake hanger. I can see hanging jewelry from it on a dresser.

I am going back to get one or two of these tall galvanized metal baskets. The possibilities are endless with these guys!

.........and I am a SUCKER for old corbels. These look old and would add so much architectural interest to your home.

Who doesn't love a sugar mold? Especially one painted in white chalk paint and distressed? This has farmhouse all over it. Love it!

.........and the BEDDING! Oh my.....LOVED the bedding and wanted to buy all of it!

The fabrics are luscious and thick. They were so luxurious and I just wanted to take em' all home with me!
(I have a pillow problem) LOL

I had to force myself to walk away from this white ruffled bedding. It was so gorgeous the way this bed was styled in various neutrals.

Then there was this gorgeous dresser and mirror set with the same scalloped edges as the table above had. Gasp! How cute is THAT?!

Beautiful robin's egg blue hutch.

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I am highly looking forward to driving down to Waco this Summer to visit the silos and check it all out.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of the Magnolia Home collection. If you are ever in Kansas City I recommend stopping by Nebraska Furniture Mart and checking it out, and if you're on the way down to Waco, pick me up and take me with you!!!!! :)


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